Why Women Drool Over Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli surely knows how to create magic when he is on the field. Often called ‘The Bad Boy of Indian Cricket’, Kohli is applauded for being a talented batsman and team player. He is an inspiration to many. Women, especially, can’t seem to get enough of the sight of him. Let us help you understand what makes him a favourite among them:


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1. Has Good Looks:

That rugged stubble, sexy pout, intense gaze, and chiseled jaw-line make him a total eye candy on and off the field! Who doesn’t love a brilliant cricketer who is drop-dead handsome?


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2. Has Impeccable Style:

From Tom Ford to Armani, Virat once confessed he has some of the best designer labels in his wardrobe. Not only does he love to dress well but also indulge in a bit of retail therapy whenever he can!


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3. Loves to Party:

‘Work hard and party harder’ is the mantra by which Virat swears to live by. He is not just the life of a party, he is a party starter. No wonder women swoon over him!


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4. Speaks His Mind:

Virat has created quite a buzz in the past for his on-field sledging, using cuss words, and indulging in PDA with lady love Anushka Sharma. Well, whatever He says or does whatever he feels,he says or does and that also quite unapologetically—an irresistible quality indeed!


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5. Loves Dogs:

He is an animal lover and adores especially dogs especially. Studies have shown that men who love dogs are responsible, understanding, and compassionate. Women dig such men and Virat not only loves his Beagle but also doesn’t hesitate to post selfies with him on social media.


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6. Adores His Fans:

Even though he is called ‘arrogant’ and ‘brash’ on field, he has a special corner in his heart for his fans. In fact, Virat makes an effort to connect with his fan and followers on Twitter and even takes out time to meet them up post matches.


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7. Mamma’s boy:

No matter what media says or writes about him, he’s after all a mamma’s boy. Did you know he once tweeted, “Coming home to mom and home-cooked food is the best feeling in the world”? Let the official ‘awwwwing’ begin!


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8. His achievements:

He is just 26 but is already the most ‘sensational ODI batsman born on the Indian soil’. The success of the current captain of the Indian cricket team (Test) is commendable, given that his initial years were stricken with family tragedies. Kudos to him!


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In short, he lives his life on a perpetual high and that’s makes him totally likeable, isn’t it?