What You Should Borrow From Shahid’s Shaandar Look

The much awaited film Shaandaar, starring Bollywood hunk Shahid Kapoor and the gorgeous Alia Bhatt has the actors wearing some really amazing ensembles. Shahid alternatives between looking dapper and stud-like, while Alia captures hearts with her effortless grace. Here are some of his outfits from the movie that are sure to become the latest fashion trends for men:




1. Black & White Tux:

Looking absolutely debonair in this ensemble, Shahid embodies suave and sexy fashion styles and epitomises classic fashion in his tuxedo. The originality lies in the white and black blazer, which is a departure from the usual black tuxes. He pulls it off charmingly.



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2. Red Jacket:

Soon to be one of the most desirable new styles for men, this British Military style red jacket is a very funky and stylish piece of cloth in to adorn. It has golden buttons and epaulets which give it a military tinge. Worn with a black inner and dhoti style pants, it makes Shahid look super fashionable and hip.


Image Courtesy: www.i.ytimg.com
Image Courtesy: www.i.ytimg.com

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3. Grey Shirt:

It’s just a casual grey shirt, but the way Shahid has worn it is what makes it special. He’s left the top few buttons open to show off his sculpted chest and it’s paired with charcoal grey pants. There is even a silver chain and bangle which adds to the otherwise simple look. Talk about acing fashion and style!


Image Courtesy: www.dd508hmafkqws.cloudfront.net
Image Courtesy: www.dd508hmafkqws.cloudfront.net

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4. Black Vest Jacket:

Another stunning ensemble he is seen sporting is a black jacket style vest. The golden buttons and chains add a touch of glamour to the outfit. Paired with a classic white shirt and very stylish grey and maroon plaid pants, the overall outfit looks very dashing on Shahid. Call it hippie fashion or sexy fashion, King Kapoor has it down!



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Shahid is one of the most stylish and best dressed actors in the film industry today and his wardrobe in the movie Shaandaar only proves this yet again. So get shopping and get copying!