What You Can Learn From Ali Fazal and Abhay Deol’s Style in Happy Bhag Jayegi

Both Ali Fazal and Abhay Deol play vital roles in the movie and certainly make a very strong impression on the viewers. Their fashion sense definitely catches our eye- with Abhay Deol adapting the hardcore desi look and Ali Fazal pulling off a very cool and casual style. Let’s see a few things worth picking up from them:




1. The sherwani:

The sherwani is no stranger to our wardrobes but what we do lack is the sheer variety of these that exist. It might be time to take a thing or two out of Abhay Deol’s book and try out a few vibrant sherwanis. The bright blue piece worn by Abhay in quite a few parts with various combinations is certainly an eye catcher. Look up some Indian fashion blogs to get an idea of what you might want to try out.




2. The stubble:

If you’re looking for a cool look to pull off which doesn’t require a lot of hard work to maintain, Ali Fazal’s look is definitely the way to go. What really adds to his dressing is the really cool stubble he sports in the movie. A stubble is both easy to maintain and also great to look at. Try a few grooming products like a beard softener and skin cleanser to really ace this look.




3. Try the classic back-brush:

Are you tired of trying out the generic hairstyles that we see all over the place? Are you sick of the mohawks, the undercuts, the spikes? Maybe it’s time to go old school. One single look at Abhay Deol in the movie sparks instant admiration. This could just be the best way to style your hair! A neat, well styled back-brush could really boost your personality.




4. Denim jackets are still hot:

Though we feel like they have gone out of fashion, Ali Fazal shows us why denim jackets will always stay classy. With the winters drawing near, it could be time to upgrade your shopping list and get one for yourself. You won’t regret it. Though it may not be complying with the latest fashion trends for men, they could be coming back very soon.




We hope you get a chance to watch this movie as we are sure it will be great. Do try out these fashion tips which these characters have given us!