What you can learn from Akshay Kumar’s Look in Rustom

Our favourite Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has done it again. His look in Rustom is a thing of envy. He manages to look smart and classy while having a strong traditional essence to it; something that is a tad uncommon in today’s icons. No wonder many fashion blogs are raving about his look. Here are a few things you can pick up from his look.


What you can learn from Akshay Kumar


1. It’s Time To Rock That Moustache:

The most striking thing about Akshay Kumar’s look is the sleek moustache he sports. With passing time, the trend of this classic fashion has slowly but surely gone out fashion. Rustom however, has definitely put it back in the game. It adds both class and maturity to the character of Akshay Kumar and that is something we would really advise you to try out.


It’s time to rock that moustache

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2. The Crew Cut:

Our generation has been overcome by new fashion trends for men mass mohawks, spiked hair and man buns. Everyone has all but forgotten the old crew cut. Akshay Kumar shows us how incredibly attractive this style can be. It gives you a formal, no-nonsense persona which is guaranteed to give you an impressive first impression. Go ahead guys; it’s time to visit the salons and try out this bold vintage look.


The crew cut

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3. Formals Are Impressive:

The trend for denims and t-shits has been around for decades now. People see it as the comfortable and standard way to go. However, it might be time to mix things up a little. It’s time you guys try out the linen shirts and trousers for a change. It could really do wonders for your appearance. For any help or reference, we can all turn to Akshay Kumar’s character in Rustom as he is seen pulling off a wide variety of outfits for this movie.


Formals are impressive

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We really hope you find our insight on this trending look helpful and you too try out these tips to have an impressive personality like Rustom aka Akshay Kumar.