Wearing Waistcoats to Office this winter

Waistcoats were once a fashion essential in menswear. Now some of the more modern men have discarded this item as a formal and unrequired one. It’s easy to overlook the waistcoat but don’t forget how smart it looks. It’s also a great way to add some variety to your wardrobe. Waistcoats worn at the workplace look dapper and professional and here are some ways you can wear them:



1. Shirt & Tie:

A shirt and tie are probably a part of your regular work wear wardrobe too, so adding a vest to it won’t be much of a task. Sticking with your grey and blue tones is safe and classy if you don’t want to experiment too much. A white shirt will go well with almost any vest and you can layer up to keep warm under or over it.



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2. Classic Look:

In fashion styles for men, the most classic way to wear a waistcoat is with a shirt and a bow tie. Nothing is more dapper than a gentleman who is pulling this look off. For your more formal days at work you can strut this look and even experiment with your bow tie to add a pop of colour to your outfit.



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3. Different Colours and Fabrics:

You don’t need to stick to basic colours and fabrics if you are comfortable experimenting. Try brocade, tweed, and other such heavy fabrics and pair with interesting colours to win points when it comes to dressing unique as well as smart. The heavier fabrics will also help beat the cold.



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4. Printed Waistcoats:

Prints and checks are very popular in work waistcoats. Different types of checks give a casual work wear feel and will give your plain shirts something to pair with. A couple of versatile, printed waistcoats can turn your wardrobe around.



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When it comes to fashion styles, waistcoats are something that should be incorporated in every man’s wardrobe. They will give your work wear closet an edge that you didn’t otherwise have. If you decide this style suits you then pick up a couple of different types and watch every one swoon over the most smartly dressed man at work.