Top 5 Reasons Why Reading Is Important For Men

While you can follow the new fashion styles for men, get the best hairstyle for men in India, eat according to the recommended diet chart for men but are you feeding the right information in your mind during the day? Have you ever wondered why do you often find a novel compelling, or a book so inspiring? We give you the essential 5 reasons on why you should include reading in your daily routine.

1. You will become more creative :

According to neuroscience, the human brain is very creative, it tends to visualize whatever you think about – right from expectations from an outcome to solving a problem, reading will help you give creative answers to the problems as the act of reading naturally triggers the complex visualizations. In other words, getting lost in an inspiring essay is an immersive experience that makes your brains alive!




2. Your will be able to memorize faster, longer :

Scientifically the reading creates same experience for brain as you experienced in real-life, neurologically the same portions of the brain gets into action that get excited by any other sensory organ. So, the more you read, the more virtual experiences for your brain and it gets tuned to remembering and recollecting the information in faster way for the longer periods of time. A paragraph with a beginning, middle, and end is most nutritious diet for the brain because it makes you think in sequence with links, cause and effect. Neuroscientists actually encourage children to read as it extends attention spans while the brain is growing.




3. You will react in more methodical, sophisticated way :

Next time any untoward incident happens, you will react in more mature, methodical way instead of an otherwise panic or impulsive reactions. Believe it or not, reading has a unique power – according to various scientific studies, reading actually activates brain growth, it increases the white matter in the language area of the brain, reducing the risk of cognitive impairment (MCI) associated with Alzheimer’s disease.




4. You will become more considerate :

Reading is the brain’s real workout of complex cognitive functions, not only it will help you maintain sharper cognitive ability but will also make you more kindhearted! empathetic. According to psychologists reading makes you more alert to the feelings of others – developing your sympathetic social skills!




5.You will read between the lines :

Reading will make your smarter by understanding the situations in an intelligent ways. Almost all business icons and leaders have their favorite books that have helped them to build up their personalities and face the toughest situations in life, that was not taught in the schools. So, next time when you want to spend your income, spend it on buying a good book!