The Right Moves To Create An Impression At The Office Party

Office party is a great opportunity to socialize with co-workers in a less pressure setting. It is supposed to be unofficial, but everyone knows that it isn’t. You are still being viewed in a professional capacity and the impression you make is very important.




Here are some tips that will help you navigate the party and come out on top:

1. Arrive on Time:

Yes, it is fashionable to be late at some parties, but this is not one of those. Be punctual and it will show your bosses that you value other people’s time.


2. Dress to Impress:

You can deviate from your standard work clothes but don’t stray too far. If no specific dress code is provided then the safest way to dress is ‘business casual’. You want to look smart and clean without attracting too much attention.



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3. Work the Room:

When you arrive, make sure you greet the host specifically and then proceed to mingle with the rest of the guests. Try interacting with colleagues that you don’t see much at the office. This is also a great opportunity to meet higher ups in an informal setting. Be sure to give a proper introduction, with a firm handshake and eye contact.




4. Stand up Straight:

Your posture gives out a vibe to others and they will make deductions based on your body language. If you are someone who slouches, then make a conscious effort to stand with your back erect at office parties, but don’t be too rigid either.



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5. Don’t drink too much:

Office parties are not the ideal time to let loose and go all out. Hold a drink in your hand but sip it slowly as you should keep it to a maximum of 2 drinks. Any sort of drunken behaviour from slurring, to being tipsy is high unappreciated in this setting.




6. Avoid Shop Talk:

People keep parties to take a break from work so this would not be the ideal place for a lengthy discussion on project deadlines. In general, keep the topics light and also try to avoid office gossip as that is just asking for trouble.


7. Thank the Host:

Acknowledge the efforts of the coordinators who put together the office party. This simple gesture will set you apart from your colleagues who disappeared an hour after they came without even a formal goodbye.




8. Make a Graceful Exit:

It’s probably a good time to leave when about one third of the guests have left. Watch your host for indicators such as putting away dishes and clearing the table. Try to not be the first or last person to leave but if you must leave early then inform your host beforehand.




Follow these suggestions to flawlessly merge your official and fun personas. Bottom line– have fun but be smart.