Heading to Goa for the New Year? Get the Perfect Beach Look

Goa is a crazy destination for a vacation and during New Year’s time it’s the most happening place in India. If you’re planning to head to this beach party zone to ring in the New Year this time, then your wardrobe also needs to suit the destination. You can’t get away with your regular city clothes here!




1. Shirts:

Floral is the latest fashion style for men and it’s definitely a must have when it comes to beachwear. Pick any floral shirt as all of them will go amazingly well on the Goan beaches. If not floral, then pick any light, bright shirt.



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2. Shorts:

Long shorts or Bermudas are the perfect accompaniment to your floral/ bright shirts. Shorts are the most appropriate piece of men’s fashion when it comes to beachwear.They are comfortable and won’t even get dirty on the beach.



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3. Swim Suits:

Short, tight, swimming trunks are an absolute no. The only exception is if you’re built like a total Greek God, and really want to show it off. Even then you need to be really tasteful about your menswear. Stick to long, basic printed swimming trunks for the poolside or beach.



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4. Accessories:

When it comes to accessorizing in Goa, a lot of things are absolute fashion essentials. Hats, sunglasses, and your beach slippers should be your go to look every time you step out. The sun is high, and the glare is strong, so you’ll be squinting each time you step out without your shades. Get the cool, reflector aviator variety, as it is very much in fashion right now.



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No matter how you’re dressed, you’re going to have an absolutely amazing time if you’re in Goa for the New Year. But still, there is no harm in perfecting your beach look, as you never know when you might come across someone that you want to impress.