Funniest Things To Do, Beyond Mobile When You Are Bored

There was a time when there was no mobile, a life was beyond Youtube, Whatsapp, and Facebook. You had time for yourself, wherein you were not just the mere spectators or appreciating others but also were actively igniting your own creativity from the physical things around you. In a way, you were not just tuned to men new style through men’s fashion blog and videos but also involved in dressing yourself up in something silly and then laughing at yourself! We suggest you some of the funniest things you can do when you are bored, instead of killing your time on watching videos on Youtube!

1. One of the best things to do is to cut out your old photographs from your albums, paste them on candy sticks and play puppet show all by yourself or with anyone who is beside you.



2. Pick-up a pencil and draw a figure that sounds funny, very funny, and enjoy the moment. Start making a comic out of it by inserting comments from the figures, let them start conversing and make a whole short story out of it. Appreciate and laugh it out loud on your sense of humor.



3. Pick up your audio recorder, the dust-laden audio system the “two-in-one” as you need to learn to fake a voice accent. Write dialogues, create a short script with scenes and voice over. Start the recording by changing your voice notes, accent and pitch. It will be fun, once you finish creating the whole voice film. Include poems or songs to make it more interesting.



4. Go through the English dictionary, start looking for words that you really long and sounds unfamiliar like discombobulated. Covert your old notebook into a word journal that you can often refer to when you are writing an email to someone or just writing out your mind on a blog.



5. If nothing else suits you learn to peel a banana with your feet. It will certainly not happen in the first trial, keep trying until you taste the sweet success. Do not use your hands while eating the fruit of your labor.