Do The Dandiya With Ease This Navratri

Sanedo, Sanedo!

Fun and Energetic—that’s Dandiya for you! With Navratri around, there is an air of vigour and enthusiasm. This is a festival where everyone does a bit of Dandiya! Often enjoyed by people in groups, this folk dance is a celebration of relationships of all kinds.




Quite interestingly, Dandiya nights also provide the perfect opportunity for you to showcase those killer moves to impress the pretty ladies. But if you are clueless about Dandiya, it’s time for you to take some lessons.


Learn the Basics of Dandiya

Learning Dandiya is not difficult at all. You just need to know some basic steps of the dance form and practice them. Here are two videos that can help you learn Dandiya easily within the comfort of your home.



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1. If You Don’t Have a Partner:

Even though Dandiya is played between a group and with a partner, you don’t necessarily need a partner to learn the dance form. Watch this video to know how:



2. If You Have A Partner:


If in case you do have a partner, then there’s nothing better than that. It would be great if your partner knows a bit of Dandiya already so that she can guide you while you emulate steps from the video. This video will help you learn Dandiya with a partner.


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  1. Hold one stick in each hand. Hit your right hand stick against your partner’s stick by extending your right hand towards your left.
  2. Simultaneously, step onto your left foot and quickly shift weight on to the ball of the right foot and so on.
  3. Repeat this step and hit your left hand’s stick against your partner’s stick.
  4. Step onto your right foot and quickly shift weight on to the ball of the left foot.
  5. Strike your own sticks together to form an ‘X’, tilted slightly towards the left.
  6. Step onto your left foot and hit both the sticks together against your partner’s, above your heads, causing the two sticks to form an ‘X’.
  7. Step onto your right foot.
  8. Once you complete this set, swap places and repeat.

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These videos must have made you realise how easy it is to learn Dandiya. Now just keep practicing these steps so that you don’t have to stand in a corner looking like a fool on that Dandiya night.
Set the floor on fire with confidence. Be a crowd-puller this Navratri and have fun!