Childhood Diwali Memories We Cherish as Kids

Diwali is the biggest festival of India which is popular in many parts of the world. The festival is loved equally by people of all age groups. However, children have a unique affinity with this festival, and celebrating Diwali as a child is much better than celebrating Diwali as an adult. Here are some memories of the festival that make us totally nostalgic about it.



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1. School Holidays:

The excitement of Diwali used to start with the anticipation of holidays in our school. We used to count days till October, the month during which Diwali usually fell. We used to plan out our Diwali holidays well in advance and over and over again; movies to watch, games to play, friends and relatives to visit, places to hang out.




2. Excitement of New Clothes:

We usually bought our best and most expensive clothes of the year during Diwali. Our parents usually bought these clothes for us from some of the biggest stores in the city. They were kept inside the cupboard and waited for Diwali to arrive so that our mothers would take out those wonderful clothes from the cupboard and give us to wear.



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3. Crackers:

Back then, we didn’t know how harmful affect crackers have on our environment. Even if we knew, we didn’t bother much, because we were too young to understand. Crackers were our favourite part of Diwali. We just couldn’t wait to go shopping for them and then all the puja rituals to get over so that we could start lighting our cracker artillery.




4. Can’t Wait for Sweets:

A major highlight of Diwali celebrations is sweets, no matter what age you are. However, one thing that we never understood as a child is why we had to wait for the sweets to be first offered to Gods before we could eat them. Gods anyway never ate those sweets, right?



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As we grow up and get busy, we lose touch with festivals. Recreating childhood memories is one of the best ways to get that back. Let’s try it this Diwali 2016.