Best Ways To Enjoy Social Life Beyond Social Media

It is no doubt that social media plays a huge part in today’s society. A new trend in fashion for men to diet chart for men are easily available to everyone at the fingertips at any time of day. The sad part is that often we often judge ourselves based on how many likes or favorites that our posts receive! While television is fast becoming a thing of past, one rarely misses enjoying viewing and celebrating the social media posts!



1. Before we become completely addicted to social media, it is time to realize a life that lies beyond social media. A life where we do not prove to others that we are “cool” or show off the “cool” things we are doing. The true daily lives where we are not trying to impress others, instead we simply enjoy the originality, simplicity and the tastelessness that is also a prominent part in our lives. So, we are talking about enjoying those infinite electric moments in our lives wherein we simply enjoy and just resist the urge to post anything associated on a social media platform!



2. You will have to be prepared to get forgotten online. Away from your hundreds of online friends, find a physical place where you can chat with your old-time friends non-stop for hours. Make sure no one, absolutely no one gets into texting, clicking or sharing pictures or videos to get likes! Celebrate a theme party where smartphones are banned.



3. Rediscover your talents, hobbies and the physical or mental liveliness that you had left behind with the onset of the digital age. Do not go to watch even movies instead playing volleyball, badminton, cricket with your friends or just read a book, make sure you have something to preoccupy yourself on a slow Sunday afternoon.



4. Have loads of fun. Laugh, play and physically hug people who are important in your life. Feel free as a bird, and let you meet all your friends who have just been sharing their pics or videos on Instagram or Facebook. Good luck for a Facebook-free life. By deactivating social media at least for few days in a week, you can completely change your outlook. So, hit that button, delete that app, and start living!