5 Quick Warm Up Exercises Before Mighty Workouts

Warming up properly before a hardcore training session not only prepares the body by increasing the blood flow but also reduces chances of cramping and other related issues. Even people who perform regular gym workouts for men tend to neglect this crucial aspect of conditioning and run the risk of injuring themselves. However, performing an adequate warm-up is not difficult and only requires 8-10 minutes to get it done. Here is a list of top 5 warm-up exercises for men before starting mighty workouts which will enhance performance and loosen up all the stiff muscles.

1. Shoulder circles :

This is a great way to get the blood flowing before starting the workout. The shoulder circles are a simple and easy exercise that can be performed by both amateurs and professionals. To do this exercise stand shoulder-width apart, maintain a neutral spine and brace the core muscles, then extend the arms out and rotate them forward in a circular motion for 30 seconds.




2. Body twists :

This is an excellent warm-up exercise to get rid of stiff muscles in the spine. To efficiently perform this move stand shoulder-width apart and bring the arms in front then turn the upper body slowly to the left, pause for a second to get a complete stretch, then replicate the same movement to the right. Repeat this movement at least 10 times on each side.




3. Glute bridge :

The glute bridges are an effective exercise to activate the muscles in the glutes and hamstrings. To perform this move lie flat on the back with knees inclined at 90 degrees, then drive the hips up to shape a bridge and then slowly return back to the initial position. Repeat this move at least 12- 15 times.




4. High Knees :

High knees are a great warm-up exercise to get the heart pounding before starting the workout. This exercise increases the flexibility and strength in the lower body. To do high knees stand hip-width apart and lift the left knee as high as possible without jeopardizing balance and raise the right arm, then quickly pull the right knee up and raise the left arm in the same manner. Continue this movement in a rhythm for about 30-40 seconds.




5. Standing toe touch :

Standing toe touches are an ideal exercise to stretch the hamstrings and erector spinae muscles in the lower back. To perform this exercise stand with both feet together in a straight posture. Then raise both arms over the head and bend forward while trying to keep the knees straight. Do this exercise daily for daily 10 times for best results.