5 Powers That You Should Invoke In Your Prayers

While we keep telling you about the ways to keep yourself physically strong by following suggested gym workouts for men and recommended diet chart for men, let us also talk about something that will nurture your mind and develop yourself into a more peaceful, fearless and balanced individual.


1. Pray for everlasting relationship :

You should have an everlasting relationship with God, irrespective of what comes your way. Always believe that whatever happens in our life, happens for the good. Our trust, faith and friendship with the almighty should be permanent.




2. Be in light and power :

We all are essentially children of one mighty power of universe. Pray for light and power for everyone, every day when you worship. Not only remind yourself about the infinite power you have as a child of God but also see yourself as a reflection of the supreme authority.




3. Pay gratitude :

Thank all mighty lord for his gifts that he has bestowed on you. You need to realize the value of tangibles and intangibles in your life. Promise to yourself and to almighty that you will never misuse these gifts and powers to harm anyone for any reason.




4. Pray for strength :

Pray almighty to give you enough strength to face any situations in life. Believe that by doing so, you will actually face people, and situations with courage, patience and self- control. You should practice these values daily to strengthen your grip.




5. Pray that you may avoid temptations :

You should pray that for infinite belief in your values so that you can easily avoid the temptations in life. Develop a life that is built on integrity and truthfulness. If you have role models, pick up all the good things you can from their lives.




6. Pray for courage to defeat everything negative :

Always consider yourself to be on the God’s side, wherein you can easily win over the negativity that is all around. Remember that you have inherent power to diffuse confusion, disappointment, worry, stress, and hatred that engulf most men.

7. Believe you are a powerhouse of happiness :

You need to believe that you essentially are a powerhouse of happiness and you do not search for happiness in objects, relations, and comforts but you have the power to spread happiness anywhere anytime to anyone.