5 Myths About Men: Busted

We live in a confusing age, where major belief systems are breaking down. Some major myths and stereotypes still continue to exist in diverse cultures, let us look at the 5 major myths about men. These are the myths of masculinity that have directly influenced the new trends in fashion for men and new male fashion trends.


1. Real Men are Physically Strong :

As depicted in movies, the public at large still believe that real men are physically big, strong and attractive. Fashion industry still revolves around that classic myth, but in reality, we hardly see the truth. The most powerful man on earth, possibly the President of the United States is physically old, weak and stout! Clearly, the power exists not in the physical strength alone, but numerous other factors such as place of origin, your own thinking, your actions and your own spirit.




2. Most Men are Emotionally Strong :

It is generally believed that men are far less sensitive to emotions as compared to women. According to the latest reports, men’s emotional quotient is not very different from women, they also have nearly equal emotions as that largely depends on the natural factors like upbringing, cultural beliefs, and personal capabilities. Major cultures across the world expect women to reveal certain emotions in open but expect men to suppress them.




3. Real Men Do Not Shed Tears :

Most cultures believe that men do not shed their tears, they are inventive to pain and misfortunes in life, unlike women who do that quite often. In reality, men do shed the tears, when the social pressures are not binding them. They can react with the same intensity as women, but in a way, society teaches them to have more control over their reactions in the response to the ever-changing external situations.




4. Real Men Are Great Lovers :

This is a belief that has developed from the movies that portray men to unlimited desires and unrealistic fantasies. Pornography and adult film industry are the major cause of corrupting the human mind towards unhealthy practices and unnatural expectations from men. This kind of entertainment has actually caused the devolution of the real natural manhood, unlike other species on earth.




5. Men’s Income is True Reflection :

This myth has borne out of capitalism that promotes “materialism and consumerism”. Due to this system in most of the societies, men have not only become workaholic but also inconsiderate towards others due to the feelings of competition and selfishness. Earlier men’s reputation was judged by the kind of acts he used to conduct in the society and the profession he chooses to earn for his livelihood.