4 Things we can do differently this Holi

Have you ever considered celebrating Holi is an unusual way? We all play with colors, forget enmity, treat friends and foes alike….fine! But how about doing something off the charts this year? Every one throws colors at their loved ones. But let’s try to fill the lives of people around you with colors of happiness. So here’s what you can do to differently this festive season.

4 Things we can do differently this Holi


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1. Make this Holi safe for Women :

We all know how women can feel really unsafe with all the painted and drunk men around. Make sure all your loved ones are safe and secure this Holi. It’s good to enjoy and have fun, but a moment of carelessness could cost you a loved one’s life.

Make this Holi safe for Women


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2. Save the strays from abuse :

No one has the right to abuse stray animals just because they don’t retaliate. Having fun doesn’t mean you can play with them like toys. So this Holi, take stand for these mute creatures. Be responsible and make others aware too.

Save the strays from abuse


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3. Fill the lives of the poor with sweetness :

You can choose between Gujia and Namkeen, coke and Beer, ice cream and Faluda. But what about those who can’t afford two meals a day? So this festive season, host a Holi bash for all those flat-broke. The smiles you spread will be worth a lot more than the money you may spend!

Fill the lives of the poor with sweetness


4. This Holi, be with orphans! :

Playing colors with your loved ones is what you do every year. How about having a color splash with all those hard-lucked orphans living as a family in your city orphanage? You will be amazed at how satisfying that feeling is when these strangers open their hearts to you, asking for nothing in return.

This Holi, be with orphans

So take our advice and make the festival of Holi, the festival of Humility.