4 Signs That You Are A True Foodie

Good food is something that everyone loves. But there are some individuals who wouldn’t have it any other way. The amount of passion they have about food is on a different level altogether. The simple reason for this being that for them, life is all about eating. If you identify with these signs, you really are a true foodie.




1. You love cooking:

Your love for food doesn’t stop at just eating. You like to customize the food you eat according to your liking. As a result of this, you actually prefer having a home cooked meal garnished with just the right amount of spices you like than having food at a restaurant. Your taste buds wouldn’t be able to accept that little imperfection in the way the chicken has been cooked or the presence of a little extra cinnamon on your dessert.



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2. Your pantry resembles the shelf at a supermarket:

You definitely are a foodie when your pantry is lined with delicious foods of all types. This makes it feel like you’re actually standing at a grocery store because no normal person would be stacked with 4 different types of cheese and all the different types of tea on earth. You really like collecting all the types of food ingredients because you realize how different each of them really is.



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3. You are spice savvy:

When you open the spice cabinet they are overwhelmed by the sheer variety of spices that you have added to your kitchen supplies. This varies from curry spices, garam masala, cinnamon and brown sugar to much rarer spices like nutmeg, paprika and Herbs de Provence. You really are a connoisseur when it comes to fancier blends.



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4. You Instagram your food:

Instagram is your go-to way to share your food with people you love, or just a way to express your inner foodie. You don’t care if the restaurant is crowded or fine dining. You’re standing on that chair, you’re getting that picture and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. You love for good food and a nice presentation to go with it is obvious to everyone you know.



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Being a foodie makes life a lot better. Getting happiness from the simple things in life is truly what matters.