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8 Macho moustache styles to try in 2019

May 13th, 2019

The major difference between the actors of the golden age of Bollywood and the contemporary age is the reduction of class and the loss of a moustache. A well-kempt moustache is what differentiated a boy from a man in those days. After a large period of facial hair bashing, it has made a comeback in recent years, and so has the classic moustache. Take a look at the 8 macho moustaches that you can try out in 2019!

1. The Tom Selleck :

The legendary moustache that Mr Selleck could wear and flaunt in his sow Magnum P.I. is what made him internationally famous for his moustache. Let the upper line hairs grow longer and clip the lower line in a straight line. Maintaining a substantial thickness, you need to trim the upper part such that it appears to be tapering towards the centre of the nose. Regular combing and waxing is required.


Courtesy: GQ
Courtesy: GQ


2. The Walrus :

As the name suggests, this one looks like the one sported by the magnificent sea creature. Low on maintenance, you need to let upper hairs grow long and wild for five to six months as they grow towards downwards and sideways.


Courtesy: GQ
Courtesy: GQ


3. The pencil :

Sleek, neat and chic, this one deserves to be a businessman’s favourite type. Rocked by the mafia and suave heroes on the big screen in the late ’30s and ’40s, this style has been sported by the likes of Hollywood heartthrobs such as Clark Gable and Errol Flynn. You need to maintain it regularly by shaving the upper line of the moustache and keeping it ‘pencil’ thin. You need to shave a little in the middle section as well to give it a refined look.


Courtesy: The Rake
Courtesy: The Rake


4. The Handlebar :

The most favourite type to be sported in the current style scene, this one has been sported by many social media influencers. The growth on the sides needs to be long, and you’ll need wax to curl it up and keep it in shape. Its gentlemanly look has got girls going gaga over guys who sport it!


Courtesy: The Mod Cabin
Courtesy: The Mod Cabin


5. The scruff :

The one with the least maintenance, you need to grow it out wild and without direction. Else, you can keep it short and simple. The whole point is to give it a messy look. Mostly flaunted by hippies and artists, you can combine it with an additional goatee to complete the hipster look, showing off your wild and carefree attitude towards life.


Courtesy: The Independent
Courtesy: The Independent


6. The Fu Machu :

If you’ve watched Chinese Kung fu movies then you know what we’re talking about. Like two curtains framing your lips, you need to grow out the sides of the moustache long. Then you might need to straighten them down and apply wax or pomade to hold on to its sleek shape.


Courtesy: Skin - Got Beauty
Courtesy: Skin – Got Beauty


7. The Salvatore Dali :

Invented and made popular by legendary artist Salvatore Dali, he once stated that his moustache was the most serious element of his entire look. And we think, he said it in a sarcastic way, as it’s quite actually the opposite. Fun and quirky, it still appears to be very gentlemanly. You need to grow out the sides of the moustache and wax them straight upwards, pointing to the sky.




8. The Horseshoe :

The horseshoe is a very manly type of moustache styled and made popular by cowboys. You need a little help from your beard to sport this one. The moustache needs to be well trimmed as it moves downwards from the ends of the moustache region towards the edge of your jawline framing your lips. It looks like a half French beard without the chin.

Exuding class, and a gentlemanly spirit, the moustache needs to be given a try. Give our personality a major touch of manliness by sporting one!


Courtesy: Us Weekly
Courtesy: Us Weekly


6 short beard styles that suit men of any age and body type

February 28th, 2019

Love your beard but busy schedules and tiring work days makes you avoid taking the responsibilities of following all the numerous beard growth tips to be found online? Don’t worry, short beards are cool too. With varied new styles adding to the old classics, they are the new in thing for the working male. So, here are 5 short beard styles for men that you must try out:-

1. The Circle Beard :

The classic Circle Beard is a simple yet efficient style. It basically involves trimming away all the whiskers in your cheeks while keeping the moustache and chins intact, forming a circle shaped beard around your lips. It is suitable for all face types.


Courtesy: Live Enhanced
Courtesy: Live Enhanced


2. The Box Beard :

The Box Beard is probably the most “here for royal matters” looking beard style of all time. To get the perfect look, first form a well defined border from your sideburns to your moustache. Then wait for the beard to fill out a little under your chin and make a fading border there. Trim at regular intervals depending on your beard’s growth rate to maintain the borders from then on. This style is suitable for all face types.


Courtesy: GQ
Courtesy: GQ


3. The Balbo Beard :

Rapidly rising through the ranks of the latest fashion for men is the Balbo Beard. To get this look, trim away your sideburns and form a well defined line of beard on the chins. Trim your moustache and make sure it stays floating on the face. The Balbo is perfect for professionals and looks incredibly smart if you have a well defined and slim chin.


Courtesy: Pinterest
Courtesy: Pinterest


4. The Stubble :

The stubble is the most versatile of beard styles. It can look eloquent and artsy as well as smart and professional at the same time. This style needs no special care, but, just make sure you trim away stray whiskers that might look unkempt. And if opting for the rugged look, just let them be as they are. This style has no rules!


Courtesy: The Shaving Emporium
Courtesy: The Shaving Emporium


5. The Soul Patch :

The Soul Patch can be a risky move. But when done right can appear striking and make you stand out in the crowd. Suitable for different face types; a dense one can hide a small chin while a thin one can pronounce a well shaped long one. To get the look: trim away all whiskers and only leave a small patch under your lips. Trim regularly to maintain the shape and define borders well.




6. Chinstrap beard :

With the same floating moustache as the Balbo, the chinstrap defines a chin and jaw-line very well. To achieve this style, trim away all hair from cheeks while leaving a thin line from your sideburns to the chin hugging your jaw line. Keep the moustache floating and thin. The style fits seamlessly into corporate to leisure depending on what you are dressed for.


Courtesy: AtoZ Hairstyles
Courtesy: AtoZ Hairstyles


These timeless superheroes have given us some serious beard and moustache goals

February 11th, 2019

Beards and moustaches are two of men’s accessories that accentuate your looks and uplift your style statement. It is quite in vogue, and has also received a positive reception from its spectators. (read: the ladies) With several styles doing the rounds, there is a plethora of options to choose from and sport, that can be altered from time to time, quite like hairstyles. However, nothing began on its own; we have people to thank for the revolution they brought along. Here are some superheroes to thank for having given major beard styles for men other than saving the world:

1. Iron Man :

Of course, Mr. Stark had to top the list; after all, what is it that the man can’t do? Or more specifically, is there anything that we don’t envy him for? The answer is a clear no. The man is a billionaire, with a poised personality (at least for the papers) and his beard and moustache just exude those very qualities. It clearly sends out the message that he is not the one to be messed with.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


2. Thor :

The Norse God of Thunder, with a face to match the personality, Thor is one of the superheroes with a strong beard game going for him. Given the fact that he possesses supreme power, a beard and a moustache had to be a part of his character, which became the major highlights of his look once the locks were cut in Thor: Ragnarök.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


3. Aquaman :

Aquaman other than his physique also has men going green with envy for making rugged the new sexy. Maintaining (or not) those long locks coupled with the full beard look is giving serious beard goals to the men and rubbing off that sexy, Viking vibe. Also highlighting on the masculinity quotient, this look has a wild aura to it, which none of us are complaining of.



4. Dr. Strange :

There is something unconventionally stylish about this man, and his beard is no exception to it, much like his character. The beard and moustache, although having a bit of an unkemptness to it, is actually quite well calculated and groomed. This style has got a ring of seriousness to it, and should be adopted by men who wish to exhibit the same in their everyday lives.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


5. Wolverine :

This list is incomplete without the mention of this magnificent beast of a hero. Quite like his personality, his beard is quite unique. Throughout the movies, he has sported this hairy, wolfy kind of a beard, with as well as without a moustache. This is a tricky look to achieve, simply because it shall have the desired results on a selective crowd of men. However, there’s no end to experimenting.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


6. Superman :

Having seen him clean shaven throughout the series, this moustache only look was quite a refreshing change. Although met with a lot of flak, Superman looks even better with this moustache. It gives him a pretty refined and poised look. And when it is someone like Henry Cavill doing the honours, it just has to be perfect and chic.

That’s about the superheroes sporting beard styles for men. Which one would you choose?


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:

5 questions you need to ask before buying an electric trimmer

December 28th, 2018

Whether you have decided to grow out a luscious beard or to rock a new beard style, having the right type grooming tool can make all the difference. If you wish to manage your beard at home or style as you prefer, then an electric trimmer is probably the best option for you! But, before you purchase your very own electric trimmer, here are five questions that you need to ask to get the right one to suit your all grooming needs.

1. Brand :

When it comes to beard trimmers, there are plenty of brands that offer quality electric trimmers for the men. But surprisingly, many men don’t have a preferred brand when it comes to bread grooming tools. Brands like Philips, Braun, Panasonic, etc. offer some really cool features that get the job done in no time. If looking for staple bread trimmers, these are definitely some of the brands to go for.


2. Quality :

You’d definitely want a bread trimmer to last you for a really long time. After all, what’s the point if you’d have to buy trimmers again and again! When opting for electric trimmers, look for the models made of stainless steel. Consider the trimmers that provide you with a good grip, so that there aren’t any accidental slips. Also, if you prefer trimmers when on the go, a wireless electric trimmer can be the best-suited option for you. And if opting for a wireless trimmer, take into consideration the battery life of the trimmer, before you purchase one.


3. Length :

As most of the models come with adjustable combs that attach with trimmer itself, you have the ease to cut your beard according to your desired length. If you prefer to trim or style your beard from time to time, opt for the ones that have varying options. There are even some precision trimmers that allow you to trim closely as they have extra blades that are smaller and are often concealed on the trimmer itself. These trimmers come along with attachments that can be twisted around to join to the main blade.


The Independent
The Independent


4. Wet and Dry Trimming :

Trimmers are available according to a person’s needs. Whether you like to trim your beard before the shower, during the shower or after the shower, you can find a variety of trimmers depending on your need. Go for a trimmer that can be used for both dry and wet styling, as you wouldn’t want to keep switching between two trimmers all the time.




5. Budget :

Trimmers are available at a variety of price range depending on the number of features the company provides. If you opt for a basic model you can get the electric trimmers at a very reasonable price, whereas, if you wish to settle for an advanced model, you can expect the trimmers to be on the pricier side.

Whatever your choice of preference is, settle for a trimmer that gets the job done and as well fits within your budget.


3 Ways To Maintain A King-Like Beard

March 15th, 2018

If you are not having a beard these days, you might look out of mens latest fashion. But the latest trend in fashion for men is not about having an unkempt and grimy facial hair, it is actually about boasting a real royal manly look that sirens the arrival of contemporary, modish man of substance. With the right care and style, a good beard can make you look exceptional gentlemen. We take you through the essential ways to maintain your beard that ignites majestic aura around your personality.

1.Have a Rich Diet :

You must start your beard grooming sojourn from the daily diet. It is essential to consume a diet that is balanced in all nutrients. Fish is great for your hair. You can add supplements like Biotin and A, B complex vitamin that will boost the hair growth.




2.Stubble look :

If you are happy with the stubble look, you will have to learn to ignore the the itch, especially if you are a first timer. It might itch heavily, as you facial skin learns to have hair, the itching will subside after few weeks.




3.Kingly Beard Look :

if you decide to grow it longer, then do not start grooming the hair until you have at least an inch and a half of hairs. Once you reach that point you can think of shaping itotherwise unshaven, untrimmed, and unwashed hair will dampen your personality and appearances in public.




4.Trim, and Wash :

You need to shave off the places that you donot want hair to grow accordingly. For example, some of you will not like growing a beard that reaches to the neck. Washing your beard is extremely critical. As you wash your face thoroughly with face wash, you need to clean the oils that built up.




5. Keep it dry :

You should ensure that you dry up your face thoroughly always with a clean towel just like the hair on top of your head!




6.Occasionally shampoo :

If your beard is a few inches long then you should occasionally shampoo it along with a conditioner. You should avoid excessively strong fragrances, and prefer to use natural fragrances like cedar, juniper, orange, sandalwood, tobacco, and birch.


beard wash


7. Do regularly apply drops of beard oil :

A good beard oil will help to keep the hair ends robust, also and protects it from beard dandruff.

3 Best Beard Products For Men In India

March 14th, 2018

Beard and Moustache are the latest fashion for men in India, everyone want to have a bearded look like Shahid Kapoor or Virat Kohli. It is not only the new hairstyle for men in India that is the latest craze for the men, it is also about the thick, stylish, manly beards that is consuming the time at saloon or in front of mirror for most men. To look stylish you will have to cultivate well-shaped, trimmed, shiny and lustrous facial hairs. There are wide ranging products available in the Indian market that will help you to groom your facial hairs, right from beard shampoo to beard oil, these nourishing rich products not only act as styling agents but also help you to keep your beard hairs soft, shiny and hygienic. Beards is often a right habitat for bacterial grow in them especially near the jaws, chin, sideburns and below the nose as these areas are can remain moist due to environmental and personal factors. You need to give proper attention to your tresses otherwise you may face conditions such as itchiness, dandruff and infections.

1. Beard Oils

The best product that completely nourishes your hairs right from the roots. You should prefer products consisting of ingredients like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, almond Oil, Argan Oil and Hazelnut Oil. Beard oil will also moisturize your facial skin by hydrating the skin.



2. Anti-Dandruff Beard Wash

You should look for products that blend the goodness of coconut & wheat germ oil. A product that is rich in Vitamin E, will boost the healthy beard hairs. You can select the “Woody” fragrance derived from Cedarwood essential oil, an anti dandruff natural ingredient.



3. Beard Styling Gels

Choose the beard styling gel that contains Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Cocamide MEA, Polyquaternium-7, CTAC, Aloe Vera Extract, Aqua, PEG-7, Glycerine, EDTA, Phenoxyethanol & Capryloyl Glycine & Undecylenoyl glycine, Rosemary Oil, Geranium Oil, Frankincense Oil, Juniper Berry Oil and Argan Oil. The Moroccan Argan, popularly called ‘liquid gold’, is known to make facial hairs softer, shinier and wrinkle free. Prefer to but products that are rich in anti-oxidants and have geranium, the relaxant, and antimicrobial agent.



4. Beard Shampoo

Always prefer to choose products having the goodness of linalool, lavender, rosemary and a dash of lime – this blended combination is actually a well balanced enchantment, that will keep your hairs to grow soft, shiny and oh so touchable!



Bollywood stars that are giving us beard goals this summer

May 30th, 2017

Beards have become a style statement nowadays, and some of our Bollywood stars are famous for their enviable fuzz. They are constantly experimenting with new and offbeat looks that are trendsetters for the youth. Some celebrities are known to take the experimental route, while others opt for a style that is timeless and safe. Choose your favourite and sport the look this summer!

1. Arjun Kapoor :

This hot and handsome Kapoor has taken the industry by storm with his blockbuster hits and effortless beard style. His well-groomed beard and sassy sense of style make him a real hoot! Opt for Arjun Kapoor’s beard look, well-trimmed on the sides and dense in the middle, for an unbeatably cool look.

Image Courtesy:  111 wallpapers
Image Courtesy: 111 wallpapers

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Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:

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3. Ranveer Singh :

Offbeat and Ranveer Singh go synonymously when it comes to fashion and grooming. The amount of perfection and precision he puts into grooming his beard is praiseworthy. This star has nailed almost every look he experimented. With a well-groomed beard and an enviable moustache, Ranveer Singh is definitely one to take beard cues from!

Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:

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4. Suniel Shetty :

Age is just a number, and Suniel Shetty proves that. Giving tough competition to all the youngster, Anna currently has the best beard in the industry. This yesteryear superstar is definitely giving us some beard goals this summer. Sport his dense beard with a well-defined moustache and even you can give these stars a run for their money!

Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:

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5. Fawad Khan :

One of the most good-looking international talents we have in the industry, Fawad Khan is a safe player when it comes to beards. He is often seen donning a beard with his patent moustache and stubble. This is a timeless and safe look for men who have trouble growing a dense beard. Anyone can rock this casual look.

Image Courtesy:  Ibnlive
Image Courtesy: Ibnlive

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Bollywood celebrities in more ways than one influence people around the globe. Whether the celebrity is women or men, they set trends, and we take inspiration from them. Facial hair is no different; sport a neatly trimmed stubble like Fawad or go fuzzy like Ranveer, look slick this summer.

Beard grooming essentials that you must own this 2017

May 26th, 2017

Beard grooming has now become part of a man’s overall personality that can make or break his impression. While you keep the rest of your body clean and shiny, it is important to groom your beard and prevent breakouts in this heat. Indian summers can really faze out your beard, so it is best to prepare in advance. As grooming becomes more and more important, here are a few essentials that you definitely must own in 2017!

Beard grooming essentials that you must own this 2017


1. Beard Comb :

Beard combs are so important when it comes to grooming your facial hair. Beards in the heat tend to get tangled and unruly, especially if you travel a lot in the open. These facial combs are no ordinary pieces, made with natural grained woods like Neem and Shisham they help tame the beard. Regularly combing your beard also stimulates sebum (oil glands) that hydrate the skin naturally. The whole process results in better growth of your beard.

Beard Comb

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2. Beard Wax :

Even if you have the DNA of Ranveer Singh, the humidity can make your beard go all fuzzy. If you are heading out for an important event or meeting, slap on a protective layer to tame the fuzz and protect the moisture of your beard. Beard wax also protects the beard as it repels dirt giving a shiny and distinct shape to your beard. It is like your very own beard sunscreen!

Beard Wax

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3. Beard Growth Oil :

If you are still sprouting hair unevenly on your face, beard oil is for you. A real boon for the follically challenged man, beard oil stimulates the body’s natural hair growth and helps you grow a beard. Just like our scalp, if the skin under the beard does not receive enough care it gets dry and dehydrated, which results in dandruff. Good quality beard oils give your beard the needed nourishment and tame it.

Beard Growth Oil

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4. Beard Trimmer :

Growing a beard is easy, however maintaining it is pretty difficult. You should invest in a good electric beard trimmer to snip off those wild, unruly strands running haphazardly to give your beard a proper shape. Your beard should look like a clean piece of art for other to admire and take inspiration from. Trimmers will be the most important grooming accessory you pick up because you don’t want to completely chop your effort off, but you don’t want to grow into a breeding ground for dirt too. So the trimmer helps you keep the length and thickness of your beard in check and in vogue!

Beard Trimmer

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Maintaining a beard is no walk in the park, but with these grooming accessories and products, you can achieve a perfectly maintained beard in no time. While these are the essentials to keep your fuzz in check, also invest in a good beard wash to keep your facial hair clean and dandruff free.

Why you should not keep your Beard Unkempt

February 27th, 2017

You would definitely agree with us if we said that beard has been a symbol of machismo, power and courage in men’s fashion world for ages now. Men with a well-grown beard are meant to be taken seriously. But the latest experiments with the beard have kind of downgraded the whole macho look. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out why grubby facial hair is an absolute no-no.


Why you should not keep your Beard Unkempt


1. An unkempt Beard is a real turn off! :

You can’t expect a lady to kiss you when your facial hair is growing in every direction! And how about a romantic dinner date where you end up feeding your beard more than yourself.


An unkempt Beard is a real turn off!


2. It’s unattractive. PERIOD. :

No matter how highly you think of yourself, an unkempt beard will always make you look like you need a shower real bad. You may feel like Brad Pitt, but will look nothing beyond Dumbledore!


It’s unattractive. PERIOD.


3. You have to agree, it’s downright itchy :

After struggling for three months to grow that heavy, macho beard, you only ended up scratching it every time you were alone. Well isn’t that obvious? Facial hair is just like any other body hair. It demand care, grooming and trimming!


You have to agree, it’s downright itchy


4. It’s kills reputation for suited professionals :

Trying to impress your boss or that big client? Try doing that with a neat, well-trimmed stubble. Your shabby, boyish charm won’t lead you up the ladder of professional hierarchy.


It’s kills reputation for suited professionals


Even the top fashion blogs have criticized the crazy, uncut beard look. So it’s better to choose your fashion style wisely than ending up as a clown.

How to grow a manly beard

December 2nd, 2016

In order to grow a manly beard a few things have to be kept in mind




1. Commit:

the key to a successful beard-growing effort is commitment. Just make a decision to grow a beard and stick with it. Do not be swayed by naysayers or lapses in your own confidence. Do not let a transient period of itching send you running for the razor. Just make a commitment to grow the beard and stick with it.



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2. Oil:

As your beard grows into a real beard, you will need to learn how to care for your beard. Oiling it is a basic move. Coconut oil which you use for the hair on your head can be used for your beard too.



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3. Trim:

Many guys take charge of their own beard maintenance, not trusting the care of their beards to anyone else. It can be tough these days to find a barber who really knows his stuff when it comes to beard trimming. If you cannot find a barber who is sufficiently trustworthy to trim your beard, buy a beard trimmer and learn to use it.



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4. Itch relief:

After being accustomed to shaving for so long, the growth of a beard presents your skin with a new environment. Sometimes it causes a period of itchiness. Do not give up because of this. Keep growing, knowing that the itchiness should pass as your skin gets used to the presence of your beard.




5. Maintenance:

while all these may seem easy to do for two weeks in the beginning, you need to continuously maintain your beard in order for it to grow well.



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Growing a beard is an adventure that can be a surprising process of self-discovery. And it certainly is a manly thing to do. It’s even manlier to grow a beard and keep it.


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