Maintaining a healthy diet and weight has been a task for many. Weight loss has been one of the major concerns for a majority of the people and the numbers are increasing with time. Cutting of weight requires keeping the calories in check by burning more of it than consuming.

For a majority of people weight loss involve no eating or eating fancy food. But to everyone’s surprise, our kitchen holds a number of items that can aid us in losing weight if consumed in a proportionate manner.

Here are 8 Food Items that can help you lose weight:

1. Almonds :

Almonds hold more benefits than just sharpening our memory. A great stimulant that aids weight loss –almond acts as a rich source of fibre. It helps maintain our blood sugar level that if not controlled can lead to weight gain. It also acts as a great preventive food item for cardiovascular diseases which makes them the best snack for weight loss.

Organic almonds over white background

2. Spinach :

Throughout childhood, we have all been asked to eat spinach just like Popeye to get healthier and stronger. High on fibre and nutrients and low in calories, Spinach not only help in weight loss but also keeps the digestive tract on track.

Fresh baby spinach leaves in bowl on wooden background

3. Moong Dal :

High on vitamin A, B, C, E and other nutrients, Moong Daal is one of the healthiest Dal to be found in Indian kitchen. It helps to keep you full for a longer time thus curbing your hunger pangs. It is packed with proteins and fibre and is easy to digest.

4. Popcorn :

One of our favourite food item that accompanies us while binge watching- Popcorn works best for weight loss unless it is dipped in butter. Popcorn is low on calories and high on protein and fibre. You can consume a whole bowl of popcorn for only 100 calories.

5. Yoghurt :

Yoghurt is your gut’s best friend as it contains a number of probiotics and protein. Your gut plays a major role in your weight loss and the fibre and probiotics in yoghurt keeps the gut bacteria happy which also aids your metabolism.

6. Bananas :

Bananas are rich in fibre that helps in weight loss which is contradictory to the myth that their consumption leads to weight gain. Bananas also contain high amount of antioxidants and have low glycemix index which is why it is included in a number of bodybuilding tips.

7. Tomatoes :

Surprisingly tomatoes can also help losing weight as they contain Vitamin C that releases a certain hormone after consumption that helps keep a person fuller. It also lowers the blood sugar level, boosts energy which makes it the best food item for the weight watchers.

8. Coffee :

A health tip for men would be to consume Black Coffee right before a workout session as it increases the energy levels and does not contain calories unless milk and sugar are added to it.

The above mentioned foods can play a major role in best diet plans for men that would not only help them lose weight but also stay fit.