The concept of consuming protein every day was basically followed by the bodybuilders and professional athletes. But today, it has become a mainstream concept followed by the people the world over! However, some confusions that still pertain are ‘how much protein should one consume?’, ‘how safe is it to consume proteins everyday’ and ‘what are the actual benefits of a high protein diet?’

If you too are someone interested in knowing the actual benefits of consuming protein every day, read on as we tell you the 7 reasons why proteins should be an inseparable part of your everyday diet.

1. Muscular development :

When you combine resistance based activities like weight lifting with higher levels of protein intake it helps to stimulate lean muscle development. Your body constantly breaks down muscles and rebuilds it, especially during weight lifting! If you consume enough proteins every day, you provide your body with amino acids to help repair and grow your muscles.

2. Reduce calorie rate :

The best thing about protein-based food is that it is more filling and satisfying. So, eating more of proteins can only result in fewer calories being consumed. By reducing the total amount of calories being consumed one can manage his weight more easily.

3. Increase in daily overall calorie burn :

Your body uses a lot more energy to break down and digest protein than it does to digest other food rich in fats and carbohydrates. The reason being, protein requires more than double the amount of calories to become metabolised, which is also known as a thermic effect.

4. Increases potential for fat loss :

When you combine increased muscle mass, more satiety from meals, and a higher metabolic rate, your body automatically has more potential to lose body fat. Although, your body must have an overall energy deficit to lose body fat, with this combination of factors dieting becomes much more effective and easier to sustain than any other method of body fat reduction.

5. Helps gain more strength from training :

Expect your strength levels to increase when you start consuming proteins on a regular basis. The reason behind this is the combination of extra muscle development and quicker recovery of the muscles.

6. Better sleeping patterns :

If you are some who struggles to sleep at night, increasing protein intake in your diet can help you. When one consumes a higher proportion of proteins while dieting the energy from the protein can help improve sleep in overweight and obese people. If this doesn’t help, one can try consuming small amounts of carbs in their evening meals. Doing so helps to increase serotonin levels, thus making you feel more drowsy and ready to sleep.

7. Better quality of life :

Strength, mobility, muscle mass, staying lean and having good internal functionality are vital if you wish to have robust health and the ability to perform well. Along with overall diet and fitness program, increased protein intake can have a significant impact on your body and will give you a much better quality of life now and as you age.