We know that your life as a college going student consists of hectic schedules, lots of stress, skipping meals and eating on the go, all of which lead to unhealthy eating habits. But, you also need to keep in mind the after-effects of these habits on your body. Here are 7 healthy eating habits for you to battle the possible after-effects, feel and perform better and cope with stress.

1. Do not skip meals :

Do not let busy schedules hamper your meals. The body needs fuel to function efficiently throughout the day. Make sure you eat something every 3-5 hours. It’ll keep your brain charged and you in a positive mood. If you are hoping to lose weight by skipping meals, we must tell you, it’ll only leave you more stressed and hungry!

2. Have a good breakfast :

Make breakfast the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast is very important for young students like you as it keeps your body charged up throughout the day. Consuming a healthy and heavy breakfast will keep you active and concentrated all day long. It’ll set the tone for the day and promote weight maintenance and weight loss by keeping in check blood glucose levels and body metabolism.

3. Munch on healthy snacks :

Snacking helps keep you from getting hungry between meals and thus prevents overeating during your next meal. So the next time you feel hungry don’t wait until the meal. Munch on snacks and avoid junk food. Keep healthy, easy to grab snacks to eat on the go. For example, trial mix, low fat yogurt, popcorn or raw vegetables are always good choices.

4. Limit your caffeine and sugar intake :

While 1-2 cups of coffee per day are okay, do not depend on caffeine in soda, soft drinks or energy drinks. Consumption of caffeine beyond limits can cause insomnia and anxiety. Similarly, too much sugar adds to calories and contributes to tooth decay.

5. If planning to lose weight… :

…starving is the last thing you would want to do! Skipping meals can slow down your metabolism, thus leading to weight gain. Do not go for drastic measures. If you starve yourself, you may end up consuming more food later, thus leading to overeating. This may become an unhealthy cycle. If you really want to lose weight, do it the right way. A combination of healthy eating habits, proper lifestyle, and suitable exercise regime will definitely help you.

6. Say no to alcohol :

If you consume alcohol at all, make sure that its consumption is limited. Alcohol supplies calories, adds no nutritional value to your diet, and increases the risk of developing a long list of unhealthy conditions.

7. Drink lots of water :

Make sure you carry a water bottle around and keep drinking water throughout the day as it’ll keep you hydrated. Substitute water for energy drinks and soft drinks. Drinking a lot of water will also keep your skin clear and free from acne outbreaks.

Now that you have all the basic guidelines, make sure you follow them to eat right.