In the past decade, the importance of maintaining physical health has risen drastically. People have become more conscious about their health and the factors affecting it. Apart from just maintaining physical and mental health, people have also started giving more importance to their physique and body type. This is in order to increase their appeal and the degree of being fit. Amidst this evolution, gym owners have profited a lot and continue to attract more customers. However, physical fitness centres and gyms prove to be the hard way, and useful only to some extent which is why some people resort to supplements to boost their muscle gains in an attempt to provide an extra little push to their bodybuilding process.

Supplements are believed to provide extra vitamins, minerals and proteins as per the intake and their type. However, this is a popular misconception and supplements may not always be beneficial. Here are 5 reasons as to why you should stay away from supplements

1. Your body can only take so much :

Your body can only take a certain amount of vitamins and minerals. Once your body has reached its saturation level, it cannot take up any extra vitamins and minerals. The required amount of vitamins and minerals are covered with a healthy diet which can be maintained every day. Your body will dispose of the extra minerals you provide with pills and powder.

2. Some of the supplements Are Not Regulated :

Any eating substance that is not approved by the Government is not advised as healthy for consumption. The law regulates and provides its affirmation on any eating substance that is launched in the market if it is viable for consumption and your supplements might not be approved by the governing body. Supplements constitute chemical substances that might affect your health directly.

3. Risk Of Overdose :

Anything in excess bears a certain risk and makes your body prone to damage. Similarly, an overdose of supplements is highly damaging which is likely once you start consuming in excess and your body gets used to it. For instance, it is scientifically proven that high intake of Vitamin A and Manganese have adverse effects on your body. Different nutrients have different effects in case of an overdose.

4. Supplements are expensive :

When you are spending on something, you wish it to be effective, useful and cost-efficient as well. According to statistics, consumers spend over $30 billion annually, with some individuals spending over $100 per month, on supplements with exaggerated claims and unsupported claims of effectiveness. Whereas when it comes to the value for money, supplements do not meet their claims as well. It is scientifically proven that artificial intake of Vitamin d is completely useless.

5. Side-effects :

Consumption of chemicals and artificial products surely bears some side effects. Supplements are no less. Calcium carbonate is known to cause constipation, Vitamin D causes kidney stones and Vitamin E is known to cause blood thinning.