4 Unique Ways To Wear Green, The Latest Fashion Craze For Men

 The green color is the latest fashion for men, and there are shades of green that you need to adore depending on the occasion you are heading to. This new trend in fashion for men is certainly for the young, the vivacious and the trendy who are probably the millennials.

1. Sage Green Tees + White, Navy or Brown Bottoms + White Sneakers:

This is men new style to express your youthfulness, energy, and buoyancy in a sophisticated new way. You can also opt for sage green cut-sleeves jacket over and above the white Tee. Do not compromise with white sneakers. They are mandatory to look ultra-modish.

2. Army Green Tee + Tan Shorts + brown or dark tan boat shoes:

This youthful combination is a shortcut to look sturdy and raw. You need to have facial hairs to rock the party with this combo, just wear ripped jeans to look extra sensuous and appealing. If you want a variance to try this green with black skinny denim with rounded frame sunglasses on your next date. Try experimenting with Olive green to add more twist in your looks.

3. Yellow Full Sleeve Tee + Emerald Green pants + Brown brogue or loafers:

As this color is louder than the other two, you need to scale it down by wearing white denim. Other than a Tee you can also choose to wear a quilted vest or a hoodie or even a plaid shirt in this color paired with slim white jeans. You can also reverse the combos by wearing a White T-shirt with emerald green chinos and brown loafers or brogues. You can even check sea green as an option.

4. Hunter Green shirt + khaki pants + brown loafers:

Wear this interestingly fresh combination at your workplace to look attractive and youthful. This new fashion style for men will bring you to the forefront, as the hunter green shirt and the classical khaki will raise the level of interest in you. Preferably wear the slim fit clothing to look suave and trendy. You can certainly reverse the colors of the combinations, try hunter green trousers or even shorts with blue or grey tee-shirt to look extraordinary.