Perfect Your Denim Look

The last few years have seen umpteen trends wade in and whoosh out at the blink of an eye. But there are only a few that have stood the test of time and these styles come back with little or absolutely no changes to it, every few years. Denim is one such style element that surfaces, not every few years, but almost every time the temperature starts to dip! Make sure your wardrobe possesses these key denim items and we’ll tell you how to wear them to impress.

Denim Jacket:




This one is a no brainer and a classic trend that is still fresh as ever. Agreed, denim jackets took a temporary sabbatical as its more fashionable cousins — namely jackets in colour block and prints — took centre stage, but they’re back with a vengeance this season.




A casual, sloppy jacket in thin denim fabric can be worn over a tee or a ganji for a laid back effect. For a more structured, go for thicker versions with bold buttons lined up in front. The thing to bear in mind about retro cowboy style denim jackets is that its length should end at the waist and the sleeves should also end at your wrist. A denim jacket looks best when teamed with chinos or denims of a slightly different shade and a tee. Avoid pairing with formal trousers and shirts, else you risk looking out of place.

Denim Pants:




Another time tested, style staple, no wardrobe is complete without at least a pair of denim pants in it, irrespective of your age, height, weight and shape. There is a denim style for every body type, so dip deep into this evergreen style pool and find one that will bring out the best in you. Bell bottoms, straight fit, high rise, low rise, narrow fit… the options are aplenty and the best part is that denim pants can take you from morning to evening outings and for days together.

Denim Shirt:




Been working on building your muscles lately? What better way to show it off than by donning a denim shirt. The best part about a denim shirt is that it gives a hint as to what lies beneath, without one actually having to show any skin at all! The fabric accentuates curvy biceps and creates a rugged aura around the wearer. Team with chinos and denim pants for that snazzy effect. Don’t forget to roll up those sleeves and pop the top button open for a rugged, careless look.