Fashion ideas we want to borrow from Imran Khan’s Katti Batti wardrobe

Katti Batti, a highly anticipated Bollywood blockbuster starring Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut released this September, is exciting for a number of reasons. Not only is it expected to be yet another one of the smart, witty movies Kangana and Imran are famous for, audiences will also be seeing the leading man donning super fashionable outfits that will surely give the men of India something to think about. The collection belongs to a line of clothing called Parx and is an exclusive line of trousers, shirts, knits and waistcoats and go really well with the setting of the movie.




Katti Batti is set in a college atmosphere and the collection is inspired by today’s dynamic youth. Bold and eclectic, this collection exudes vibrancy and style. It’s sporty and classic designs are versatile and fresh and also capture international trends. Imran Khan manages to pull off a global appeal despite sticking to his Indian roots! Here are some style tips you can borrow from Bollywood’s latest chocolate boy:

1. For a casual college look, you can pair a funky shirt with a simple hoodie. We see Imran wearing different coloured shirts like bright yellow and green with a maroon hoodie in different scenes, so you too can mix and match key pieces with each other.


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2. If you don’t require layering and still want to keep the casual theme going, you can experiment with colours like Imran has. He’s wearing the same cut of full sleeved t-shirt in different colours and patterns with simple denims that look fresh each time.



3. For a slightly more mature look, adding a waistcoat to almost any shirt is a quick way to make your ensemble stand out. In the movie we see Imran wearing green and white shirts with a simple black waistcoat and owning it! So investing in a standard waistcoat is a good idea. You can even pair it with some full sleeved t-shirts.


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4. If you want to go all out formal like Imran with Kangana at the dance, then pairing a black shirt with a black coat looks stellar. You can pair these with black trousers or if you feel like being a little bold then you can even work with a colour like maroon.



Imran Khan in Katti Batti should be every college going boy’s biggest influence in dressing up this season! Just remember to be chic and neat and play around with materials and colours and you’ll be the envy of every one of your guy friends.