The Best Chat App When Your Battery Is Low?

New fashion style for men is to remain connected not only with the current fashion trends for men but also to the social media wherein you can share not only your personal information with your friends but also interesting pictures and videos. But current technology enforces you to maintain a sizeable power into your battery, to enable you to communicate with your friends on social media. What if you know about an application that can work even when your battery life is low? We will tell you about an app that will help ease the pain of your device reaching its temporary demise.



You need to download the best chat app “Die With Me” that is available for iOS and Android that works on your phone’s battery when it is on less than five percent! If your phone reaches that mark of 5% battery, you will get instant access to this bubbling and vivacious chat room that will open you up to men and women who are travelling on the same boat, all those nervous minds who are struggling to find a source of power.



But hold on, once your battery life shoots up beyond 5%, ‘Die with Me’ will automatically log you off from the room. You can actually experience the fun in having conversations with strangers who are sharing the same near-death phone experience. The ‘Die with Me’ application has a built-in countdown timer that counts on your conversations moments before your screen just goes mum.



Away from the usual boring chat conversations that poke fun and cruel comments on fellow users, this unique chat app is safe haven for people who want to experience something new and refreshing especially when you have limited time available with you.



When you log into an application, you will have to agree to a user agreement that you will be forced to accept to have only ethical conversations. If someone violates the agreement, there is a ‘Report Message’ that could potentially block the user from again using the app.



If you think that the premise of the app is absolutely insane, think again. This app actually indirectly teaches you on how to control your nerves, and how to enjoy even at the last breath of your mobile to the fullest. So, what are you waiting for, just go ahead and enjoy the experience – who knows you will probably end up keeping our battery always lower than 5%.