How Has #Deletefacebook Affected Facebook?

1. Although Facebook is one of the leading sources for new fashion trends for men and but the recent outrage over the Facebook data leaks has prompted a worldwide #deleteFacebook campaign, with users publicly vowing to quit the world’s largest social network. People have been searching Google for ways to delete their Facebook account at this time the situation has gone over the board.

Although fans are hooked to Facebook for the simple reason ‘happiness’ that they derive out of this social networking software now they are looking for the alternatives – Snapchat and Instagram have emerged as the next best possible options.



2. For the past 14 years, Facebook had built a strong relationship between users and the activities that give them so-called happiness. Deleting Facebook will not necessarily make the loyal user unhappy, but the addition of scrolling the pages has to end somewhere, perhaps the stage has arrived.

The recent incident of privacy violations have deeply impacted Facebook’s loyal users, moreover, the support received from industry leaders have globalized the campaign. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk to Whatsapp co-founder has publicly announced to delete their Facebook pages.



3. The idea of deleting Facebook has also received the backing of the scientific community, as according to experts the social media has a direct negative effect on user’s mental health. According to one of the leading research study has indicated a decline in the mental health is directly impacted by an increasing the activities on Facebook. It is similar to excessively watching television or talking to friends on the phone as it replaces the on-ground social activities.



4. There’s also a spike in “delete Facebook” searches by the news that Facebook has been actively associated not only with fake news, falling stock but also with glaring data breaches. This broad cultural backlash against social media technology will surely impact the functioning of the various other online networking platforms.



5. Although many platforms including mobile and web-based apps now require a Facebook account, users are finding a way out of it by either switching it to Google or directly using their personal Email accounts. Many dating apps require having a Facebook account and deleting an account on Facebook means deleting all private contacts associated with the app. Users will certainly have to decide their priorities before they want to go ahead.