What new does I phone 7 bring on the table

The iPhone 7 is something that every gadget freak should look forward to. Why, you ask? It might be something that doesn’t come to notice immediately, but iPhone 7 marks the completion of 10 years since the release of the first iPhone. We know that the smartphone industry has changed drastically. With every brand trying to pump out as many flashy features as possible, let’s see what Apple has to say:




1. Camera Upgrade:

The iPhone 7 is believed to have a brand new, upgraded camera. But that’s not all. The larger 5.5 inch model, i.e. the iPhone Plus is rumoured to come with a dual-lens camera. This could allow a huge increase in quality, with a second zoomed-in lens able to focus on important parts of the picture, probably making it the best camera among all phones in the market. The smaller version, though not being released with a dual lens has indicated in released pictures a much larger lens than the 6s, promising a big boost in image quality.



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2. Modified Home Button:

One of the features that Apple has stubbornly stuck to has been the constant home button design since the oldest iPhone. The iPhone 7 is supposedly evolving from this. The new home button will be pressure-sensitive similar to the 3D touch feature in iPhones 6 and 6s. This would definitely increase the life of phones of this model as button malfunctions due to wear and tear were very common in its predecessors.



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3. No Headphone Jack?

Apple feels that it is high time to grow past the age of wired headphones; the iPhone 7 is clearly the boldest statement. Rumors have consistently indicated that Apple will get rid the iPhone of the headphone jack, instead shipping the phone with a pair of Lightning EarPods or wireless “AirPod” headphones, featuring Bluetooth or some other wireless standard. Though ever gadget blog is seriously questioning this move, we will have to wait and see how it performs.



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4. Battery Boost:

The removal of the push Home button gives Apple a lot of space to work with. The iPhone 7 will have a larger, more powerful battery to cope up with its more battery-economic competitors. A new battery charging technology is also believed to be on the books.



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As we all wait, fingers crossed for this release, the one thing that we can be sure of is that this iPhone might revolutionize the smartphone industry.