Tips for increasing the life of your laptop

Everything comes with an expiry date. So does a laptop, but by taking its proper care we can enhance its life. Did you know that the laptop is one of the ‘germiest’ places in your home? Yes, it contains more germs than a toilet seat. Imagine yourself tapping your fingers all over your toilet seat. The thought in itself is so repulsive.

Tips for increasing the life of your laptop


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Here we bring you some ‘PRO Tips’ to enhance the longevity of your laptop:

1. Use compressed air to clean your cooling system :

Once in a month blow the dust out of the fan and heat sink with a bottle of compressed air.

Use compressed air to clean your cooling system


2. Don’t place laptop in bed :

Avoiding using your laptop on a bed or sofa. When you place your laptop on soft material, you end up blocking the ventilation holes in the laptop and laptop fails to suck in air for cooling.

Don’t place laptop in bed


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3. Avoid surfing whilst drinking :

No liquids, no food and no goldfish bowl should be placed near your laptop irrespective of the fact whether you’ve spilled anything before in your life or not. Spilling is just a matter of seconds; it can seriously ruin your gadgets. So, no surfing whilst drinking or eating!

Avoid surfing whilst drinking


4. How about buying a cooling pad? :

It is rightly said that the lower the temperature of your laptop, the longer it will live. So, how about buying a cooling pad to extend your laptop’s life?

How about buying a cooling pad


5. Get an anti-virus software :

There are heaps of malwares, viruses and spywares designed to harm your system. But as they say, ‘Every problem comes with a solution’. The solution to our problem is, the various free anti-virus programs like AVG Free, AVAST etc.

Get an anti-virus software


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6. Manage your battery life :

It is a myth that a fully charged laptop is likely to have a long battery life. Instead, it is recommended to drain the laptop’s battery fully at least once in a month. Also, never charge your laptop up to 100%. Battery should be charged up to 50 to 80 percent.

Manage your battery life


7. Clean your screen accurately :

Don’t rush into buying a chemical cleaner when you see your laptop’s screen dirty. The chemicals in such chemical cleaners can destroy the thin protective layer on the screen and damage the display over time. It is recommended to clean the screen with two tissues out of which one should be dry and one should have a touch of water.

Clean your screen accurately

As they say, ‘Health is wealth’. So, take good care of your laptop’s health!