The Latest One-Man Flying Multicopters That Will Make Helicopters Obsolete

1. The multirotor or multicopter is the rotorcraft vehicle that has more than two rotors, the biggest advantage is these type of machines is the exceptional control over the flight. While the traditional single- and double-rotor helicopters use the complex variable speed of rotors, that gives flight stability and control, multicopter uses the fixed-pitch blades through which flight control is achieved by the relative speeds of each rotor that is controlled for producing the thrust and the torque.



2. While a lot of prototypes have been shown across the world for ‘flying cars’ but this latest addition could surely on its way to becoming the ‘air car’ of the future as it is likely to replace the traditional helicopters for aerial surveys in emergency situations as this futuristic machine can hover motionless in the air without any intervention from the pilot.



3. While E-Volo VC1, was the 80kg machine that can virtually take off in a vertical direction as it has 16-rotor machine and was powered by Lithium-Ion batteries, the E-Volo VC200 Volocopter the latest is a single-place electric multirotor helicopter has 18 engines that are balanced around an aluminum truss frame with a center-mounted seat, battery, and Battery Management Unit.



4. These vehicles are touted not only as the most futuristic air sports vehicles but also as an air ambulance that can be used to take aerial photographs.



5. Engineered by Mr. Thomas Senkelwas tested by sitting openly above the rotors flying it for its maiden flight lasting for 1 minute 30 seconds, which was steered just by a joystick. According to reports, the design and simplicity could possibly revolutionize the art of flying in the air for humans. Currently, the team is working on the ways to hold it for longer duration in the air and also developing the E-Volo VC Evolution 2P, a two-passenger enclosed volocopter with extended range and weight capabilities. So, now you can stay tuned to the latest fashion for men by washing your face from the flying basin that can deliver you water and a waterless face wash right in the middle of the busy road.