Is Technology World On The Verge Of Facial Recognition Revolution?

1. We are on the verge of yet another technology revolution that will change the rules of not only men new style but also piracy. Facial recognition technology has arrived. While the new iPhone can be unlocked simply by a glance of your face, paying bills at a convenience store or ticket at a metro station will soon become personalized and drilled down to individual levels.



2. While in China the technology is already implemented in a big way, right from commercial office premises to automatic ATM withdrawals, in Europe, luxury retail stores, hotels have loaded facial information about the respective key clients to offer uninterrupted services to special guests 24 x7. Australia is not left behind, as the facial recognition has been integrated into the high-security zones like airports and government buildings. The US is also speeding up the implementation of facial recognition massively into various surveillance systems.



3. As the facial recognition technology does not even go wrong between the identical twins, it is expected to be widely used across mass systems especially in ticketing. The technology works on infrared scanning to recognize the characteristic patterns in facial features and then equates them against the loaded database of facial patterns. Smith thinks the system would work well in stores and banks as well as train stations. One’s face will act as the new password to enter inbox, do banking transactions, check out the new trend in fashion for men or enter into offices.



4. This fool-proof technology overcomes all odds right from beards, eyeglasses to even scarfs as it 14 key landmark areas around the lips, eyes, and nose, it is a kind of an X-ray to confirm into one’s identity. Although it raises concerns about privacy and even issues relating to sexual orientation – as it is claimed by Stanford University researchers that facial recognition can predict an individual’s sexual orientation but the facial recognition technology is about to transform the functioning of the digital world once again.



5. While the debate continues on privacy issues, one thing is for sure that this new technology should ultimately bring one more convenience into everyday lives instead of instilling fear, doubt, and bad taste.