Camera applications you must try if you own an Android phone

When buying a new smartphone, there are multiple features that one takes into consideration. However, one of the most important aspects is the camera. With the advancement of technology, phone cameras have so much clarity that they are replacing professional cameras. Smartphone cameras have evolved from being convenient to super powerful tools. Here are some of our favourite camera apps for an Android phone that can give you an ultimate snapping experience.

Camera applications you must try if you own an Android phone


1. Camera360 Ultimate:

A super neat app, Camera360 Ultimate is the perfect combination of professional editing and fun features. One of the most popular camera apps for Android devices, the app offers multiple camera modes, filters, editing tools and sharing platforms. Its USP is that the app is available for free on the Play Store and there are no ads on it too! Get this super fun and handy app if you are a photo junkie.

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Camera360 Ultimate


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2. Retrica :

One of the best and most popular photo apps, Retrica has over 500 million users across devices. The app is designed to give a vintage touch your images like they were shot in the 70′s. There are a variety of filters you can choose from and see your photos live. You can easily import pictures, create a beautiful collage and download the images in a single grid as a GIF. A great camera app, Retrica is a must have on every phone.

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3. Vignette:

Vignette has taken mobile photography to a new level of customization. The app has its own interface, separate from the camera on your phone. You can choose from a range of classic filters with retro effects and customizable funky frames. The app also offers features like time lapse, photo booth, and digital zoom. One of the best camera apps for Android phones, Vignette offers a range of effects.

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4. ProCapture Free :

The Procapture app is a handy replacement for the standard camera available on Android devices. With super easy access and camera features like panorama, wide shots and reduced noise modes, the result is almost like a professional photo shoot. One of the best apps in its league, ProCapture delivers what it promises.

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ProCapture Free


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With a set of new and unique features, these super handy apps make photo capturing a pleasurable experience. So, if you don’t already have these apps downloaded, get them now and click professional photos in a jiffy!