5 Most Important Supercomputers In The World

Men are just not crazy about sports, travel, food and fashion but also about the technology, it is just not they want to know about the new fashion style for men and want to follow the mens latest fashion trends but are always eager to know about the latest, smartest and the fastest. We present you the world’s fastest supercomputers, a ranking of perhaps the the most powerful machines in the world. It will be amazing to know that China dominates the list, with 202 of the top 500 supercomputers in the world. It is worthwhile to note that a supercomputer is ranked using a metric called flops, that stands for floating point operations per second i.e. to say how quickly a computer can do the mathematics calculations.

1. The Sunway TaihuLight

This machine is the world’s most important and the fastest supercomputer in the world with 93 petaflops, which is 93 quadrillion flops. This computer is placed at the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, China that is used for data analytics on climate research and, earth systems.

China's Supercomputer 'Tianhe-1' Creates New Speed Record


2. Piz Daint

The second most important supercomputer is named after a mountain in the Swiss Alps, the Piz Daint that not only helps in image simulations and advanced visualizations but also analyze huge amounts of data. In late 2016, the Piz Daint supercomputer in Lugano, Switzerland gained a huge hardware upgrade. The peak performance of this fastest machine outside Asia is 19.6 petaFLOPS.

Piz daint


3. The Tianhe-2

The machine again is in China and is popularly known as MILKYWAY-2 that s developed by China’s National University of Defense Technology. With the performance of 33.86 petaFLOPS this machine is made up of 16,000 computer nodes that enable complex simulations of Chinese government.

tianhe 2


4. Titan

The fastest super computer in US, this machine is installed at at Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory with the performance at 27 petaFLOPS. Titan is a powr pack machine that can perform the complex simulations that are needed in molecular physics, climate science and also in astrophysics.



5. The Sequoia

This machine is one of the most popular machine in the world as it is configured to measure the risks of nuclear warfare. Installed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California the best performance of this super-advanced machine to do advanced weapons science calculations is 17.2 petaFLOPS . Today it holds the position of being the fifth most powerful supercomputer on the planet.

Sequoia computer