5 Fastest Piloted Flying Machines On Earth

New male fashion trends and the current fashion trends for men are transient in nature they keep changing and evolving for the good. We take a review of the fastest flying machines in the world that are driven by humans.

5.MusclairII, The human propeller plane:

In 1985, an aircraft named Musculair II, flew with the power of human muscles in the air at a speed of 30 mph becoming the fastest human-powered flyer in the world! Surprisingly, this aircraft had a cycle driven propeller with massive wings and a small cockpit.




4. F8F, The piston propeller plane :

This astonishing aircraft that took flight in 1986, is propelled by a piston to reach a speed of 528 miles per hour. The concept of such an aircraft was mooted in WW II but became irrelevant as the war ended sooner than expected.




3. Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, The jet propeller plane :

In the world of jet airplanes, this fastest aircraft holds the record of reaching the speed of 2193 mph way back in the year 1976. This aircraft was conceptualized and initially tested in the year 1964.




2. X-15, The rocket propulsion aircraft :

This fastest machine took to skies with a speed of 4,500 mph using the rocket propulsion. Interestingly, this machine was piloted by Mr. William Knight way back on 3rd October 1967.




1. Space Shuttle :

The space shuttles or the orbiters reach the speed of more than 17,500 mph making them possibly the fastest flying machine on and beyond earth. Interestingly the shuttles work on the principle of Newton’s third law that expels the burning fuel and as a result, thrust is achieved in the opposite direction.