5 apps you need to throw an amazing party

There was a time when going for clubbing was a rage, but now that people have lesser time, it is easier to simply throw private parties instead of going to clubs with many strangers there. So, the easiest way to throw a party in today’s age is to make the best use of your phone. Here are few mobile apps that help you plan your party like a pro.

1. Speakeasy Cocktails :

Want to impress your guests with a great cocktail? Use this app. With more than 40 instructional videos, Speakeasy Cocktails is packed with information and more than 200 interactive recipes that will have you using the right type of salt in no time. You’ll learn the best recipes, techniques and supplies to buy.

Speakeasy Cocktails

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2. Heads up :

Only Ellen DeGeneres can develop the best technological upgrade of charades. Try to guess the word on the card that you place on your forehead — while the camera records your friend’s embarrassing gestures and then share the videos straight to Facebook. If this doesn’t save your party from boredom, nothing will.

Heads up

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3. Party mixer :

No party is complete without music. If a party has no music, it is simply a flop one. Music apps are a great source to set the party on fire. This party mixer app mixes two songs for you simultaneously, while you enjoy your evening. Else, if you do have the time, then simply create a playlist and use the feature of the auto created playlist.

Party mixer

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4. Food apps :

No party will ever be completed without food for your guests; while it is not easy to cook or prepare food for a large number of people alone, you can always take the help of food delivery apps to ease the task. Apps like Swiggy, Food Panda and Zomato deliver food within a short amount of time, right at your doorstep.

Food apps

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5. Hello Vino :

When it comes to wines, none of us are experts, but we all pretend to be. If you’re the host, this app will make wine selection very simple for you by simply telling you what goes best with what type of food. And if you are the guest and unable to decide what to bring along, this app will be your guide to the perfect gift; every man would like i.e. wine.

Hello Vino

While planning parties may seem like a tedious job, technology has taken over the burden and made everything available at fingertips for you. So, make the best use of these apps and throw a blast.