5 Apps to Make Your Phone Smarter

Every day, we are bombarded with new apps. Each one promising a better, newer, more convenient experience and with added fun features. For those who only want the best, there are some great apps out there that deliver what none of the other apps can offer. Check out these new apps and see which one fits your personality as well as that of your phone’s.


Evernote is one of the best cloud based note-taking apps that helps you keep track of things and remember everything. With this app, you can jot down notes for school or work, or create a to-do list and these notes can be edited anywhere, on your tablet, phone and even your laptop. Not just for text based notes, it can also take dictation, allow you to photograph your documents as well as record sound directly into your notes. It creates ‘Notebooks’ where all your data is stored.




LastPass password manager / Avast mobile security

It’s a given that a complex and unique password should be used for each and every application. But remembering 100 different passwords is painful and even if you do remember them, it is quite a task to remember their combinations. Thankfully, computers are built for memory.

LastPass, a security app for iOS, can be of great help in that department. An auto fill feature helps you fill in your complicated passwords into apps through its copy notification and info to the logic screen.

Android users don’t fret! The Avast mobile security app is an all in one security system. It combats anti malware, has anti-theft tools to help you if you lose your phone and other privacy tools. It also helps back up your information on cloud. It can be used on rooted phones as well.





There are organisers and there is Clear+. This user friendly apps helps get your stuff together. It’s brilliant and gesture friendly interface allows you to create, edit, delete and move tasks around with the touch of a single tap. Tasks are colour coded according to the level of importance and priority. Red conveys that the task is high priority and the ones that are less important are coloured orange. It tells you what the upcoming tasks are and what needs must be completed. Multiple lists can be created through the software which can be synced with your iCloud account for more convenience.


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There have been many bookmarking apps, but Pocket is different. It allows you to save articles to a primary, cloud based repository that rids them of all the unnecessary elements.  How does that help? No more annoying ads or stupid pop ups and eye hurting colours. It’s your very own personal assistant who carefully picks the news for you. You can read and edit your favorite articles as well as archive them and also share them with your friends.


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This app literally brings the world to your fingertips. Figure out what is cool in your local neighbourhood. It gives you a lowdown on your local stores, hotels and restaurants, along with information about other local events. The app shows recommendations, tweets and other informative articles along with the convenience of getting deals and coupons straight from the vendors.