3 Most Addictive Android Games For 2018

Latest Fashion Styles for Men is not just to have showcase a trending handset but also to play games that make you so addictive that you just ignore the world around you. Let men and women get jealous of your behavior because it is none of your faults, the games you often get hooked are so adventurous, engaging, enthralling and mind-boggling that you inadvertently tend to forget lots of so-called basic necessities of modern day lifestyle. One of the new fashion trends for men is actually to display the laid-back, cool and forgetful behavior that elders seems to get puzzled about. They won’t understand your sage, so carry on with your passion so confidently that they also become interested in joining you in these 3 most addictive games for 2018.

1. 1Sky Force Reloaded :

We will rate the latest in the Sky Force to be the most addictive game for 2018. The free version having a series of top-down shooters where you fly into danger, blow stuff up, and try to survive through the end of the level. Additionally, there are little side quests you can do mid-level such as saving people trapped in the middle of combat. This addictive android game is beautifully created and can be played pretty easily with lots of challenges. You need to make your ship more powerful, as you will enjoy playing it more and more, again and again.



2. PinOut :

It is the best pinball game having infinite runner elements. The goal is to launch the ball pinball style on and on for as long as possible. The features of the software is colorful and it will surely keep you going for long time. Unlike the traditional pinball games, this game comes for a single price with no additional in-app purchases. That can be decoded for no freemium mechanics that will get into your way.



3. Five Nights at Freddy’s :

The most popular paid-game in all of mobile gaming, although the games differ between the releases, but all of them essentially follow a similar premise. Your aim is to scope out of a building and if you are not careful, it is possibility that will get jumped by terrifying animatronic robots. You also need to find a deep story that will amaze you especially for those who care to figure it out. It will be definitely be too hard to put it down until you actually finish.