Top 5 Beachwear For Men This Season

The beachwear latest fashion for men depends on how much recreational activity you want to action on the sand.

1. T Shirt & Shirt Knot Style :

If it’s just about having a relaxing time with your loved ones, just enjoying drinks away from the waters, just go in for this style. Always remember to carry the sunglasses and flip-flops that make your partying easier and comfortable.

T Shirt & Shirt Knot Style


2. Formal Beach Style :

If you are not too keen on diving, strolling on sand, and just want to keep a watch from the distance, go in for a simple loose T shirt and shorts up to thighs, with accessories like watch or a bracelet.

Formal Beach Style


3. Swim Trunks :

These synthetic fibre trunks are specifically made for your activities in water. So if you plan a lot of un in water with your special ones, just roll them up.

Swim Trunks


4. Tight Cargo-shorts :

If you just want to hang around, without getting yourself dirty, want to be candy on the beach, just choose this outfit.

Tight Cargo-shorts


5. Tight fit Boxers :

They need not be synthetic, but are tightly fit beachwear clothing for you, so that you can not only enjoy but can also sport style statement amongst your group.

Tight fit Boxers