Top 4 Knee-Lenth Shorts Style For Men

Want to a streetwear that is casual, fashionable and comfortable? Just pick up a short up to your Knee. This awesome styled latest fashion for men is the craze amongst men, as this does not reveal too much yet make you look ultra-chic and urban.

1. Ripped Shorts :

This mens latest fashion is most happening among all, you need to have ripped lines on the front sides of your shorts, revealing not your thighs yet, giving a sneak-peak look. The shorts should be slightly tight with threads coming out from all-over! You need not wear belt, keep your T shirts out, spice it up with the square framed shades.

Ripped Shorts


2. Military Shorts :

The adventurous, daring style is best when you have to travel for long distance, and you want to stay airy, relaxed, yet fashionable. Sport it with similar colored T-shirt or just pick an extreme variation. These latest men new style goes with everything.

Military Shorts


3. Cargo Shorts :

Multi-pocketed shorts is as sporty as Military, just wear it while travelling, on casual meetings and just about anything from shopping to playing games! This multi-utility vehicle can carry anything right from the gears in your pockets to balls. Sport it with games you play.

Cargo Shorts


4. Plain Colored Trousers :

Wear them when you none of the above choices left! Ah, wear them with any T shirt, anytime!

Plain Colored Trousers