Pyjama Trends For Indian Men

If an upper garment for Indian men is never out-of-fashion, then even an under garment like pajamas have really have come a long way. From pajama shorts to light cotton lounge pants and fitted joggers to your standard blue pajama shirt and pants set, check out the new fashion trend for men in India this season.

1.Dark Cotton Blend Lounge Pants :

Wear dark, gothic, the latest men fashion trend as a loungewear style. It looks fab with full-sleeves, printed t shirts, without collars.

Dark Cotton Blend Lounge Pants


2.Burgundy or Plaid Pajama :

Wear it with Navy Crew Neck Top, it is the latest style flaunted by most stylish men as the casual wear item in their wardrobe.

Burgundy or Plaid Pajama


3.Light Grey Cotton Pajama Lounge Pants :

They are more stylish, look contemporary, when you are in park or just cycling. This is men new style as a best outwear fashion.

Light Grey Cotton Pajama Lounge Pants


4. Silk Satin Pyjamas :

The plush style, when you want to get cozy with yourself and with others, just choose this style of modern pyjamas, not only as loungewear, it is best sleepwear fashion.

Silk Satin Pyjamas


5. Military style pyjama set :

if you want to wear your manliness on bed, go for this chic style, as it is amongst the latest men fashion trends.

Military style pyjama set