Never run short of accessories this summer

Men do not have much to experiment when it comes to their clothing line. Usually, the wardrobe tends to fill up with selected clothes; without proper accessories, the combination can be bland and boring. That is why it is quintessential for every single man to figure out the correct mix of ‘summer accessories’. Our stylists have rendered some suggestions for your convenience. Take a gander.

Never run short of accessories this summer


1. Watches are mandatory :

Your attire for any occasion is inadequate without a watch. PERIOD. It is not a question of having a watch; it is about deciding the type. Strapping the right watch on your wrist will add the necessary edge and complete your summer look.

Watches are mandatory

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2. Summer scarfs and stoles :

Classified as an effortless summer accessory, this piece of clothing is minimalistic and considered the latest fashion trend for men. Whether you’re wearing a tee, shirt or even a summer blazer, they add a relaxed vibe to the overall outfit. So choose one and step into the ‘cool club’.

Summer scarfs and stoles

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3. Eye Wear :

Own a pair of sunglasses to help you step into the summer sun with confidence and zeal. Nothing impresses females more than a confident man who knows how to carry himself. So shortlist a colour andrecognise your facial shape while you invest in a good quality pair. Your eyes are precious. Protect them in style.

Eye Wear

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4. Bermuda shorts :

It is obviously difficult to ignore this staple piece of clothing. A must-have in your wardrobe, bermuda shorts can be paired with all sorts of shirts. Opt for a light colour with a casual shirt or tee to rock that afternoon gathering with your friends. Comfortable to wear, they help you beat the heat as well.

Bermuda shorts


5. Hats :

Hats are an ideal way to add some extra inches to your height; also they tone down your face. Organically unique, this summer accessory for men protects your scalp from the harsh sun as well.


This summer, add to your fashion and style statement by including these accessories to your wardrobe.