Formal Leather Shoes: Brown v/s Black

Whoever said that the right shoes could help you conquer the world was correct! An ever-increasing number of men are becoming more conscious of the way they look and follow trends as closely as women do. Choosing the right pair of trousers with a shirt is difficult enough let alone the rest. Well, your pant and shoe combination can make or break your outfit, so here are some quick and easy pointers which will be your gospel for styling right.

Formal Leather Shoes Brown vs Black

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1. Brown Shoes :

Someone old and wise once said, Black and Brown make a frown and now we know why. Black trousers are a big no with brown shoes in formal attire; however, they do work when mixed with casuals or semi formals. Brown with Navy suits or trousers, with a crisp white shirt is a timeless classic look.

Another very versatile color, Grey, looks great with brown formal shoes. Grays come in many shades and light gray suits or checked gray pants are best paired with light brown dress shoes. There are endless choices these days and you can pick from intricately designed brogues to tassel loafers. The lightness of the gray and warm tones of brown balances the outfit.

With summer round the corner, cream and beige are popular choices for formal wear. Mostly made from linen or cotton, a light colored brown shoe will best compliment the look. Team the pants with a white or off-white shirt for a light summery vibe.

Brown Shoes

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2. Black Shoes :

Black is one of the most popular shade in a man’s wardrobe, and it does go with a whole lot of outfits. Black suit or a black pant with the same colored shoes may seem dull in the beginning, but it’s better than pairing them with browns or maroons! To add some charm to your outfit, style up your black shoes with shape and material of the shoes. Black dress shoes are classy, elegant and timeless. Team a pair of black trousers with a light blue or navy shirt with smart black shoes for a perfect day to night look.

While most men prefer to wear tan colored shoes with Navy trousers, black shoes are equally appealing. Go for a sleek classic Oxford dress shoe for a formal meeting and slay the look like a pro.

Dark gray trousers with black shoes are staples that give off a subtle yet sharp look. Since black shoes overpower lighter shades of gray, it is important to pair them with a formal charcoal gray pair of pants to balance the look. Wear some dark gray suit or charcoal gray trousers with a crisp white shirt for a dapper look.

Black Shoes

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Now you can feel more confident when you pair your trousers with your shoes. These rules are not definite and a little experimentation with fabrics and shape of the shoes can make so much of a difference. It’s good to stick to the traditional basics but it’s even better to be a little adventurous!