Aviators v/s Wayfarers

The sun is up and shining and it’s the best time to get out those frames and style up your game. But whether it’s summer or peak winter, every man needs a good pair of shades that can get him through the day. Aviators: synonymous with Pilots and George Clooney. Other Sunglasses: synonymous with George Clooney again. Well since we can’t all look like George Clooney, it’s imperative you know which frame suits your face, structure and general fashion sense.

Aviators vs Wayfarers

1. Shape of your face :

Balance is the key factor when choosing the best shades for your face. If you have a vertical face, like an almond, you should go for a pair of Wayfarers. They’re timeless pieces that look good on almost anybody. Black wayfarers are clear winners for those who are nonexperimental because they can look good with formals and casual outfits.
Aviators, on the other hand, look best on dome or roundish faces. The teardrop make of the aviator glasses adds some length to your face. These sunglasses look best on people with high cheekbones by adding more structure to your face. Wear a pair of aviators with a formal suit or shorts to a brunch and beat the heat in style.

Shape of your face

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2. Fashion or Protection :

Sunglasses are worn to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Initially made for pilots, aviators are best for protecting the eyes from not just harmful rays but also dirt and dust. You can jazz up your style by getting colored Aviators in blue or sea green. They look best when worn to a music festival or to the beach. Classic black or dark maroon ones are effortlessly cool and retro for a daily look.
Sunglasses now days need not come with so much protection, because of the evolving fashion needs. If you are buying your shades from Lajpat or Colaba, they could be in various shapes and designs that range from ovals to hexagons. However, try to keep it classy by buying a branded pair for maximum protection.

Fashion or Protection

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3. Bridge that gap :

That little dent on your nose plays a very important role when it comes to donning your favorite pair of shades. Is the bridge high, low or perfectly cut in the middle? High cut bridges make it perfect for Aviators, as they sit smartly on top of your nose and the glasses don’t cover your entire face. If you have the nose and bridge of Justin Beiber, be free to experiment with shapes and sizes from an array of aviators.
Wayfarers, on the other hand, have chunky frames, which are durable and look super cool on smaller faces. Honestly, they look good on any face. Tints on the glass play a very important role and change the way you see light and colors. Blues and green hues look best for a party and blacks are timeless for everyday meetings and outings.

Bridge that gap

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On that note, whatever tints or outfit you choose, Aviators are timeless and forever stylish. If you have a more American guy style, choose a pair of Aviators to get that cool masculine look. For a more casual street style, don a pair of casual Wayfarers that are simple and won’t steal the shine of your outfit.