Your Guide To Wrinkle Free Shirts

Tired of wrinkled shirts? But don’t know what to do about it? Going mad by pressing your shirt over and over again with the hot iron but still getting those wrinkles? Well, here’s your solution. We’ve picked up the easiest tips to keep a wrinkle free shirt existence. And they’re:




1. Hang Them Properly:

Casual and dress shirts both tend to be quite delicate. They usually have to be stored on padded and/or stretchy plastic hangers.  Usually avoid wire hangers because they can distort the shape of your clothes if you keep on using them. Also, don’t bunch your t-shirts if you want to keep them wrinkle free as well.




2. Keep Them in the Dryer:

This is another easy way to do it. However, it may just end up being a little bit costly. All you have to do is to keep your shirts your dryer for 10 to 15 minutes. This will ensure that your shirt stays wrinkle free. Of course, don’t forget to spray it lightly with water before you put it in. It works every single time. It works even better if you have a ‘press saver’ setting in your machine.




3. A Wrinkle-free Spray Goes a Long Way:

If you don’t have time then using a wrinkle-busting spray is the easiest way to do it. Simply spray the product onto your garment, wait for 10 seconds and the wrinkles will smooth away. The best thing about wrinkle-free sprays is that they work on almost any fabric. Which is why, they’re the perfect solution for wrinkle free shirts while travelling.




4. Take it to the Dry Cleaners:

If everything else fails then you can always take it to the dry cleaners and of course they’ll be as new and wrinkle free as any other.

So there you go folks. These are the tricks that you need to follow to have a wrinkle free wardrobe. To make your life even easier, we would suggest that you should invest in some wrinkle free fabrics.

You can’t completely prevent clothes from wrinkling. However, if you follow the tips shared with you above then you can have wrinkle free shirts. They might not seem as the most traditional of methods but they definitely are helpful, especially when you’re short on time or don’t have your iron with you.