Three Rules For The Perfect Necktie

Men’s fashion has never been this versatile or prone to change, as it is now. But the one accessory that has been confusing the male species since time immemorial is the necktie. This rope of a cloth has managed to make and break outfits thanks to the pattern, colour, fabric, length and the knot. But here we are to help you with the three basic rules of nailing this accessory right, every time.




1. Colour:

Remember this mantra (you could chant it too) – Ties should be darker than the shirts. Whether you are wearing a pale blue, light pink or a white shirt, your tie should be darker hued. It can be either a red, burgundy or a light blue tie. In fact light coloured ties with crisp white or pale hued shirts look really good during spring. Always remember one colour does not ‘fit all’. A black bow tie is to be worn for extremely formal black tie events; bold colours are more for board meetings and light hued ones are semi-formal.




2. Length:

The tie should just touch the waist band of your pants. That is the ideal length of a tie. Ties come in different length and they should be chosen according to your build. Extra long ties or XL ties should be used by tall, well built men. If you are slightly on the shorter side, then shorter ties will work best for you else the knot will be large to shorten the tie, which may not suit you. Wider ties are to be used with jackets with wider lapels, which are more 1950s. Narrow ties are to be worn with jackets with narrow lapels which are more modern.




3. Pattern:

Once you have understood how to choose the colour of a tie, it is time to move on to patterns. You can start off with semi patterned ones to get comfortable with the concept. Polka dotted ties look great with striped shirts. The pattern on the tie should not be overpowering, and the patterns should be smaller than the ones on the shirt. For example, it is advisable to opt for pin striped patterned tie with a checked shirt. As soon as you have the understanding down pat, you can move on to quirky printed ties.

Ties are a small accessory but then, after all small things are always the loudest. If you think your combination of shirt, suit and tie is wee bit too loud, then it probably is. Start off with toned down versions to understand and then move on to bolder options and see your boring suit come alive.