The Latest Style Icon – Aamir Khan

Having the last name ‘Khan’ and surviving in Bollywood is not easy my friend. Getting tagged with a Bollywood nickname ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ and surpassing that every time is not easy either. But Aamir Khan does it all. With a not at all publicised divorce and another marriage, Aamir Khan handled it quite well and it turned out to be a perfect divorce with amicable relations with his previous wife and a brilliant marriage with Kiran Rao (at least that is what we have been led to believe).




1. Mr.Perfect:

With a drive like his for perfection, one is always in the spotlight for one reason or another. However, to be caught wearing something ‘sooo two seasons ago’ is a complete blasphemy. But Mr. Khan has made a trademark look and he will almost always be caught wearing an outfit which is casual and laidback. Fuss free, sans accessories is what he prefers himself to be in. Unless he is out there promoting any movie, then he will be wearing the look he is sporting in the movie. Or if he is attending some extremely formal event, then be sure to catch him in a suit with a dress shirt open at the collar but no tie.




2. His Style:

A well fitting pair of jeans, polo or a plain coloured t shirt and chunky shoes (more like boots) is what you will spot him in whether it is the random paparazzi snap or a movie premier or a movie promotion or a press conference. With his boyish grin and spiky hair, it is hard to imagine that he is in his late 40s.




His hair is another fashion story altogether. You have seen him in beefed up self for Ghajini with the nearly bald look. You have seen him sporting long hair and a handlebar moustache for Mangal Pandey. You have seen him with curly longish hair and a clean shaven look for Rang De Basanti. You have seen him in the close cropped look for P.K. He is as versatile as an actor can be and doesn’t hesitate to ‘own’ whichever film he is doing.




Beefing up for the role or slimming down; adopting a particular style of speaking or enacting a true story, Aamir Khan does it all with finesse and dedication that not all of Bollywood possesses. Not running after the money a particular movie he has made, he is content with coming up with just one movie in the entire year, as long as it is made to perfection. Staying out of controversies and limelight is what makes him a good actor and a great celebrity.