Style Essential – the blue shirt

Formal, eye catching and a favourite amongst all fashion conscious men – the blue shirt is a remarkable piece in your wardrobe. Slightly under-estimated, the blue shirt is usually ignored for a classic white or black shirt.

Yet, we are here reminding you why the blue shirt in fact is your go-to shirt.

1. Go formal:

Think an all blue shirt with a contrasting sky blue shirt to go along with it. A contrast that is striking as well as immensely smart. You are making a statement yet not screaming out your style. It is subtle and charming. Do keep in mind, that your tie/pocket square and socks are a lighter shade of blue as well. You could also opt for a baby pink tie to break the monotony. Try keeping the look as neat as possible for the desired effect.




2. The eternal blue on blue:

For all you men who love the casual look, this is sure to get you interested. A light blue shirt paired with denims is certain to get you noticed – and for the right reasons. It looks suave, classy and well thought. Pair the look with loafers in a complimentary shade of blue or grey and you are set for a casual, breezy event.



3. Office wear:

If you’d like to take your blue shirt to office and not look drab and boring, you could team it up with an interesting tie. Though, there is not much you can do with this look, you can try a range of fun accessories and make it work. Try a waist-coat in either silver or dark grey, you could also try throwing in a fun pocket square to keep up the tempo.




4. Casual is the only way:

If you want to completely bid farewell to the formal look, pair your blue shirt with either a pair of shorts of chinos. The look is hassle free and doesn’t ask for much. The shirt spells breezy while the lowers are an indication of a stylish man. Don’t over do this look and keep it as simple as you can while experimenting with shades and contrasts.




So, when are you going blue?