5 Tips For Great Style At Any Age

Style is eternal irrespective of fashion trends and fashion shows. Dependent on weather, colours, history and brainstorms, fashion designers all over the world decide the hottest picks of the season but there are some style essentials that never change.

1. Don’t follow trends blindly:

Whether you are 14 or 40, don’t follow trends blindly simply because it’s an irrelevant exercise. You may love harem pants but you may be too short or slightly on the plump side to carry them. Instead of looking shoddy, try apparels that suit your height, your body frame, your age and most importantly your personality. If clothes don’t express your personality, you need to rethink the way you dress up.


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2. Your profession is your cue:

Keep your profession in mind while buying clothes. Though, it is certainly not necessarily to stick to how everyone at your workplace dresses, it is definitely an add on. Adding a twist to your apparel will however give you the edge. Whether you are a lawyer or a top marketing professional, the combination of smart casuals with formals can’t go wrong. A style that you can seamlessly carry after work hours.


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3. Don’t copy the youngsters:

When you are young, it’s easy to carry many styles and trends. However, with age comes maturity and a more defined personality. This is definitely not to say, one can’t experiment as when gets older, but the experimentation needs to be an inspiration not a direct copy of fashion for the young. Your style is an expression of your personality and says a lot about the person you are.


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4. Keep it neat:

Always, always keep it neat. Shabbily dressed men gather much attention, but negative attention. Let your maturity come through your clothes. With perfectly ironed clothes, unique colour combinations and a knack for accessorising well, you can make any look apt for your age.


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5. Dress your age:

This is a golden rule when it comes to style tips – always dress for your age. If you are 25 and dress as seriously as 55 year old, you may across as boring. The same is true for a gentleman of 50 dressing as a 20 year old. There are various options and choices when it comes to apparels and accessories – so take them instead of simply dressing up for the sake of it.


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So go ahead guys, make the most of your personality and explore your individual style, that is the only thing that’ll save a day!