5 fashion goof-ups all women notice

You picked the perfect restaurant, the perfect day and the perfect girl – but what if you forgot to pick the perfect clothes for yourself. Men are usually easily hassled especially if there is a girl on the other side who demands attention. So guys, let’s get one thing clear; women notice your look from top to bottom. They notice if you are wearing two different socks or your colours don’t complement eachother and if your hair is well cut or not.

So here are 5 fashion goof-up you have to stop making if you want to impress that pretty lady:

1. Avoid slogan tshirts that don’t make sense:

If it’s a music related t-shirt, a graphic t-shirt or a t-shirt that makes sense – it works. But if you wear t-shirts proclaiming your love for fish or some random country, it most certainly will be a put off. Random words put together in an odd haphazard way may not be the best way to make an impression. If you would like to keep it casual and wear a t-shirt, stick to ones that have witty one liners or some ultra cool graphic design. Also, please avoid cleavage revealing tshirts!




2. Say no to floaters:

Yes, we know they are the most comfortable! Yet, we insist on not wearing it on a date or anywhere. If you’d like to wear your comfortable pair, trot around in them at home where there is not a soul to comment on your fashion sense. If you are going out on lunch or taking her out for coffee, it’ll definitely come across as inappropriate footwear.




3. Absurd sunglasses:

Can carry colour, don’t wear any! Should it be a sunny, pleasant day and you feel like saving your eyes from the harsh sun – put on regular, basic sunglasses that don’t scream for attention. Sunglasses that reflect and are in the most jarring of colours are going to attract a lot of unwanted attention from her AND the people around! Also, whatever may happen, don’t wear your shades if there is no sun and indoors. It’s an age old folly, yet people don’t hesitate to put on their shades and make an entrance.




4. Going the branded way:

If you think that brands mean a girl will be instantly impressed – you couldn’t have been more wrong. Women appreciate a decent fashion sense, not a man who is dipped in brands from head to toe. So you may have to choose between proclaiming your love for brands or a decent fashion sense with the perfect balance of style and sensibility.




5. Wearing wrinkled clothes:

Wash, iron and impress. It’s as simple as that! If you can’t do so on your own, send your clothes to the laundry and relax. But a shirt that is wrinkled and looks dirty will more than annoy women around you. It instantly reminds them of children who need to be taken care of. If you want to show you are mature and know exactly what you are doing, keep your clothes in check.




Best of luck guys, have a fun time impressing the best critics of fashion.