4 Tips You Can Pick From The Hot Arjun Kapoor

He is hot and charming with a tantalizing charm to win anyone over. Sporting the stubble, the dashing Arjun Kapoor is the new bad boy of the B-town.


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Here are the 4 tips you can pick from the hottie:

1. Stubble:

Stubble represents the best of both worlds in a man: evident masculinity without the reclusive mountain – man look. Start with light stubble if you are not used to it and grow it gradually only if you want to. It looks wonderful especially if you are in your 40s as girls are mad over that salt and pepper look after all.


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2. Attire:

Do you know that Arjun Kapoor’s favorite attire is a casual tee, a pair of jeans and flip- flops? But he always carries an oversized shirt just in case he needs to get ready instantly. Yes, that’s the trick; always carry an oversized shirt for a quick fashion fix.


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3. Suit Up:

If going on a date or a formal meeting just ‘Suit Up’, that’s Arjun Kapoor’s mantra. Suiting up not only make you look at your best but also adds oomph of x – factor to your personality.Add some class to your outfit and wear a pocket square when suiting up. Make sure it isn’t the same pattern as your tie though.


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4. Hair:

Make your hair your play ground; keep experimenting that’s what Arjun Kapoor does. Next time, when you need a haircut, ask your hairdresser to give you a completely new look. You will see yourself how just changing a hairstyle can change your personality.


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Last but most important thing to pick up from Arjun Kapoor is Attitude. Yes, no matter what he is wearing or wherever he is going, his killer attitude and his poisonous smile make girls go gaga over him!